Mark Loretta update and some other stuff

He took ground balls in the main stadium this morning and is expected to get back into Cactus League action either Wednesday against the Giants in Scottsdale or Thursday night against the Angels at Dodger Stadium. But he might go to the minor-league side even sooner than that to get some ABs, so his groin injury apparently has pretty much healed. … By the way, Russell Martin has the flu. He is still in today’s lineup for now, but that is subject to change. … With the team in Arizona for the first time, there is no team flight back to Los Angeles when camp breaks. Basically, most of the players want to drive their cars to L.A., so they’re on their own as far as getting there. They’ll go in waves. For instance, Matt Kemp and James Loney will make the trip to Tucson tomorrow, and as a reward for putting themselves through that, they’ll be allowed to drive to L.A. from there after leaving the game, so they’ll be long gone by the time the Dodgers play the Giants in Scottsdale the following day.

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