One additional point about Ardoin

I forgot to mention earlier that he has the right to DECLINE the assignment and become a free agent because this isn’t the first time in his career he has been outrighted. On the one hand, it would seem likely that he WILL decline because even if he accepts, he is going to be A.J. Ellis’ backup at abq. But on the other hand, it is UNLIKELY he will decline because it is getting late in the spring and there is certainly no shortage of catchers around professional baseball.

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  • Voldomer

    Tony, how happy are the LA beat writers (or what is left of y’all after the cutbacks) to get both “Albuquerque” and “Mientkiewicz” in the same offseason? ūüėČ

  • ToyCannon

    Highly unlikely that Ardoin declines going to Alb. as a back-up. He has a wife & 4 kids and is guaranteed $210,000 if he goes which is very substanial pay for the minor leagues. Besides he’ll still be playing & you never know when it comes to injuries to guys on the depth chart ahead of him. Just ask Blake DeWitt when Nomar & Andy LaRoche went down on the same day last season. DeWitt went from Double AA to the majors in the blink of an eye.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Hey ToyCannon-

    Wouldn’t his contract be voided, and have to be re-negotiated, after he is outrighted and sent down? I don’t claim any insider knowledge, and am not challenging your assertion. For Ardoin’s sake, I hope you’re right. He had a great attitude all last year despite very little playing time, and I wish him the best. Tony (great, informative blog BTW), any info on point?

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Did a little (very little) research on point above. Wikipedia (I know, consider the source) article “Major League Baseball Transactions” states:

    “…A player who is outrighted to the minors is removed from the 40-man roster but is still paid according to the terms of his guaranteed contract…”

    So, assuming Ardoin’s contract had a minor league salary provision of a guaranteed $210,000, he still gets it even if outrighted.

  • Tony Jackson

    He WILL get $210,750 if he goes to ABQ. And I think I’m going to abbreviate the above-mentioned infielder on all blog posts as MKZ. Anyone have any objections?

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    I think if he wants to keep playing, he better stick around as Ellis’ backup.
    He should try to stay in shape and keep practicing his skills.
    He’ll have trouble getting noticed but I think it’s his only chance.
    Otherwise, I think it’s over,

  • MKZ sounds like a good plan, Tony.