Final cuts….

It’s that time of year. Final cuts. And in this case, they are the deepest.

It sounded like Joe Torre and the front office intend to take as much time as they can to make them.

“We’ve still got some discussing to do,” Torre said. “There may be something that makes up my mind. You’re sitting here with decisions to be made and the each make sense, but you can’t make all of them.”

The most pressing decisions the Dodgers must make involve pairing down the four utility infielders — Juan Castro, Doug Mietkiewicz, Blake DeWitt and Chin-lung Hu — to two roster spots, and choosing between righties Ramon Troncoso and Tanyon Sturtze for the last bullpen job.

That said, Torre left room to revisit whatever decision the club makes this weekend later in the year.

“You make decisions at the time you have to make them but it doesn’t mean you don’t do something different down the road,” he said.

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  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    If it was up to me, —it would be to keep Mientkiewicz, Hu,
    and Troncoso on the 25 man roster and mainly keep DeWitt active in Albuquerque, like 911—but it’s not up to me.