What should we call this thing?

OK, you’ve got one hour to be creative. Since this is just a one-game deal, it feels a little weird to call this a Freeway Series between the Dodgers and Angels. But what should we call this thing instead?

I have to file the gamer by 9:30 so you’ve got until then to come up with something good. Right now I’m thinking about the Freeway interchange, but that kind of stinks…

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  • joshburke2

    …..more like a drive-by, Ramona?

  • LADodgerBlueFan

    How about…”Freeway Sig Alert”

  • thinkblue

    Given that there are still so many players who have yet to be cut, I’d call this a Traffic Jam.

  • http://houston.mlblogs.com Round Rock 15

    It’s more like a Roadside Exhibition.

  • http://houston.mlblogs.com Round Rock 15

    Or a Freeway Freebie, since it doesn’t cost either team anything in the season.

  • Ramona Shelburne

    so far I’m liking drive-by… keep em coming

  • Sac Town Dodger Fan

    Life in the Fast Lane- Courtesy of the Eagles

  • GScott

    It’s the Right to the City game. Winner gets naming rights?

  • LADodgerBlueFan

    Freeway fender-bender…since its just 1 minor game = minor accident.

  • KingD

    Freeway Skirmish

  • http://houston.mlblogs.com Round Rock 15

    The eighth inning keeps up like this, it’s quickly becoming a Freeway Pileup.

  • Dizzle

    Freeway One Night Stand

  • sick_boy_76

    im a little late but how about the “jive on the five”?

  • adevandry

    Back alley brawl

  • Sac Town Dodger Fan


    Your headline in the paper today looks awfully similar to my suggestion last night. Shouldn’t this qualify me for some media passes to a game or something? :)

  • rjthrelkeld

    C’mon peeps! Everyone knows it’s the Freeway face-off!

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Hey hey,

    thanks for all your suggestions. I and the headline writers appreciated them. I went with drive-by in the story because it was in before deadline. Always the key for a newspaper writer. But I also liked that Freeway Skirmish and some others.

    Who knows, maybe we’ll revisit this topic during the interleague series or…. the World Series.

  • grumpy3b

    When the Angels visit Dodger Stadium does McCourt make Moreno pay full price for his beer?

  • ToyCannon

    Called it as it is–“The Pay Full Price For a Meaningless Pile of Crap Game To Completely Soak Season Ticket Holders & Everyone Else”