Why all the sportswriters are rooting for Will Ohman

Lefty-relief specialist Will Ohman is already giving Manny Ramirez a run for his money in the best one-liner category.

After he gave up a home run to Chad Tracy in his Dodgers debut earlier this week, Ohman joked, “Obviously, signing so late, I wanted to bring as much attention to myself as possible.”

Thursday night he struck out the only batter he faced against the Angels. I came up to him and asked if he had another funny one-liner to sum up his performance.

“That was just rapid improvement on my part,” he joked. “I got all those firsts out of the way and went back to being me, which is just unbelievably dominant.”

Ohman’s supposed to start the year in Triple-A but is expected to be called up as soon as he gets his rhythm down. Normally we don’t root for those sort of things, but when a guy goes 2-for-2 in funny quote opportunities, it’s hard not to.

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  • Bill Becher

    And fun for the copy desk:

    Will Ohman Be Called Up?

    Will Ohman Make Team?

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Good one Bill!

  • grumpy3b

    hmmmm….maybe O’Man and MRam are channeling their inner Mickey Hatcher/Jay Johnstone/Jerry Reuss? That is something which has been missing for a long time now.

    gotta love it…

  • and if you have never seen Ohman’s Harry Caray impression, please You Tube it as soon as you can…Seriously, it’s as good as it gets.
    And he can pitch to boot?
    …I want to buy him a drink!

  • lawdog

    This year I’ve got a feeling that it will be non-roster invitee “Minkywinkytwinkovitch” who will steal a page from Mickey Hatcher and head up the 08 version of the “odd squad” which will take us to a championship just like in 88–if we get the pitching from the motley crew we’ve assembled so far.