If it’s news you want, you better be prepared to stay up late

We are expecting to learn late tonight, after the game who the 25 guys are who are going to be on this team when it opens the season at 4:05 p.m. on Monday at Petco Park. This is what we’re up against: these exhibition games tend to go long. When it’s over, say around 10, the clubhouse most likely will be closed to the media an unusually long time (I’m thinking half an hour) while Joe Torre breaks the news to the guys who are sent packing. Once they have all been told, we will be allowed in. My colleague Jill Painter is covering the game tonight, so she might have some time to stay and get some player comments. I, meanwhile, will rush back upstairs and post the opening-day roster here. After that, I’ll try to post some comments and observations.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    There you guys go again, doing that Yeoman’s Work thingy just to get us all the news that’s fit to print.

  • I will wait all night Tony! We want to know who’s going to be in Albuquerque Also!

  • rjthrelkeld

    Tony, what is Lindblom’s status now? Is he back in minor camp or still with the Dodgers? Will he start the year at AA?

  • Phil

    “Sorry, Manny. The club is looking to move in a new direction…”