Dodgers make final cuts

This is Diamond Leung filling in for Tony Jackson…

After today’s game, the Dodgers announced that they reassigned pitchers Josh Lindblom, Brian Mazone, Erick Threets and infielders Juan Castro and Luis Maza to minor league camp. Lindblom was sent to Class AA Chattanooga to be a starting pitcher.

Blake DeWitt made the team, and it’s expected to be announced tomorrow that relievers Ronald Belisario and Will Ohman will be on the opening day roster along with Ramon Troncoso.

The Dodgers’ 40-man roster is at 39 right now, so they would need to create two spots to add non-roster players Belisario, Ohman and Doug Mientkiewicz,

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  • berkowit28

    Hi, Diamond! Glad to see you here from your new (or old?) home in in SF. Thanks for the update, and hope you find a new spot in due course.

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    Two surprises for me__Sending Weaver down, which I think is a good move__It will give him more time to work on his role.–
    I thought that DeWitt would go down so that he can play everyday instead of waiting on the Dodger bench.

  • GScott

    Blake DeWitt is now on pace to be the all time leader in pinch hits. Starting at age 21(?) has to be a big advantage. I say this because the only logical reason for them to play him off the bench now is if they only see him as a bench player in the future.

  • cheba63

    I’m sure DeWitt will get plenty of starts. He can give Hudson and Blake days off, and fill in in late inning situations. There’s also talk of sitting Furcal once a week, and if they plan on using him at SS, then he’ll really be seeing quite a bit of action.

  • Mario DiLeo

    DeWitt hasn’t really played SS on any level in the minors since he was originally signed as a 2B, so I think he was kept to save his options as I believe he has only two left…

  • Denton True

    Mario, The Dodgers don’t have to “save” options since the clock has already started, if I understand correctly. The Dodgers can send him back and forth to the minors for 3 years, starting with last year when he was sent down to play 2B.

    DeWitt last regularly played SS in high school so, yeah, that seems a stretch at the major league level. I have seen him play SS in two minor league games and he looked sharp enough to this admittedly non-professional eye. Bowa and Torre both have indicated he gets good reads. He’s a gamer.

    I think the decision to keep him over Castro was partially based on the fact that the team already has to make 2 decisions with the 40 man roster for Ohman and Mientkiewicz, making a 3rd for Castro would mean exposing a player to waivers that would probably get claimed by another team.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    “the only logical reason for them to play him off the bench now is if they only see him as a bench player in the future.”

    I guess it’s possible to come to that conclusion, but, really, I think doing so is a bit of a stretch. DeWitt is certainly not a lock to eventually land an everyday job, because the Dodgers do have other promising infield prospects (e.g., Josh Bell, Ivan De Jesus, Devaris Gordan, and others). But I seriously doubt if that’s the reason he’s being retained on the 25-man roster. I’m guessing that the Dodgers have concluded that he can handle shortstop when needed, thus precluding the need to carry the light hitting Castro. Casey Blake and Orlando Hudson are likely to need days off during the season, and if DeWitt can also fill-in occasionally at short, he probably can get 200-300 at bats. So I don’t believe that they’re going to retard his growth by using him exclusively as a pinch hitter. If that were the case, he likely would have been sent back to AAA.

    Saving a 40-man roster spot was also probably an important factor in the decision.

  • Andrea

    Colletti was on the radio “extravaganza” yesterday with Ken and Josh and he said that one line of thinking would pair DeWitt and Hu, with one on the bench in the majors and the other in AAA as an everyday starter to be ready if someone gets injured, moving them up and down every few weeks so that the bench player doesn’t get too rusty.