Roster still hasn’t been announced

The Dodgers have SUBMITTED a roster, but as I stated here last night, it’s only a rough draft. Claudio Vargas and Delwyn Young, both of whom are expected to begin the season on the DL, are both on it. Will Ohman, who is expected to begin the season in the big-league bullpen, is not. So this will change a lot tomorrow. The only moves thus far today are Jason Schmidt to the DL and Tanyon Sturtze reassigned to the minors. They are definitely trying to clear 40-man spots for Ohman and Mientkiewicz. They might be trying to clear spots for Castro and Belisario, as well.
Here is the CURRENT roster for RIGHT NOW:

Pitchers (11):
Chad Billingsley
Jonathan Broxton
Clayton Kershaw (L)
Hiroki Kuroda
Hong-Chih Kuo (L)
James McDonald
Guillermo Mota
Ramon Troncoso
Claudio Vargas
Cory Wade
Randy Wolf (L)

Catchers (2):
Brad Ausmus
Russell Martin

Infielders (6):
Casey Blake
Blake DeWitt
Rafael Furcal
Orlando Hudson
James Loney
Mark Loretta

Outfielders (5):
Andre Ethier
Matt Kemp
Juan Pierre
Manny Ramirez
Delwyn Young

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  • GScott

    I still think it’s a mistake to have DeWitt in the majors.

  • Marcel

    If they need to add four non-roster guys, they only need to clear three spots (roster currently sits at 39).

  • Tony,

    Any chance Schmidt goes on the 60-day DL, or will that hamper his rehab?

  • Buddy

    To DeWitt’s slight defense, I’m not sure what other options the Dodgers had last year but to play him. Given his ability, I think he did quite a good job. That said, I still think the Dodgers will regret trading Carlos Santana and John Meloan to Cleveland for Blake. I think Santana, especially, is going to be a star for them.

  • cheba63

    Buddy, I’m sure GScott was referring to the possibility of DeWitt being in the majors this year, as he probably wouldn’t get enough bats, and thus his development would be hurt. I don’t think anyone was disappointed with his play in the majors last year. As for Santana, I believe his ST numbers are quite bad, and perhaps his single A numbers were just a fluke. We’ll see.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    As Tony points out, this is “only a a rough draft.” If the Dodgers are able to clear enough roster spots, I expect that DeWitt will probably be optioned and replaced by Castro. If DeWitt does stick, then I would expect that they would find him sufficient playing time spelling both Blake and Hudson. However, if they keep Mientkiewicz, I don’t see DeWitt sticking around, since, unlike Castro, DeWitt is not a pure middle infielder.

  • rjthrelkeld

    What is this love affair with Claudio Vargas? This is a guy, who was so bad, that the Nationals cut him. The Nationals, Ned! The notion that they’d cut ties with DY to save a space for a P who’ll be gone shortly anyways is distressing. Just say “NO!” to Claudio. PROP 3: Should the state of CA mandate that DY be kept on the 40 man roster?

  • Buddy

    Thanks for the clarification, cheba63. I don’t think Santana’s spring training numbers mean anything however. Here’s what ESPN’s Carlos Santana said about his ability. I think he’s spot on.

    “I cannot believe, almost eight months later, that the Dodgers traded Carlos Santana for Casey Blake. Seeing Santana for the first time this spring has retriggered the existential crisis I underwent when first hearing the Dodgers had traded this great catching prospect for an old, not very good impending free agent. It can’t possibly be real. Santana is a force at the plate — sure, he has a funny setup with a toe-tap and a big stride, but he keeps his weight back, lets the ball travel and then goes medieval on it. He’s getting his arms extended more this year and is strong enough to drive the ball to the gaps or out of the park anyway. I don’t think he’s that far off, but even if he was, you just can’t give a guy like this away for two months of Casey Blake.”

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Actually, Carlos Santana’s ST number were not “quite bad.” Yes, he hit only .182, but that was a very small sample; 2 for 11. However, he drew 6 walks, and had a .471 OBP. And patience at the plate is something he’s noted for.

  • Buddy

    Sorry Keith Law’s comments above.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    What upset me most about the Santana/Blake deal was the fact that the Dodgers could have had their cake and eaten it too, for the cost $2 million. Cleveland only insisted on Santana being included because they were picking up the remaining $2 million on Blake’s contract. If the Dodgers had been willing to pick up that salary, they could have had Casey Blake and also kept Santana. Teams spend more than $2 million to sign top “amateur” prospects, yet the Dodgers were unwilling to spend that money to retain a top “professional” prospect.

  • GScott

    Thanks for the Oop to my Alley. Yes, I was referring to the time he would lose by being on the major league roster. YEs, they could probably find DeWitt 200 ABs this year, but that’s less than half of what he would get at Triple-A.