Eat your hearts out, Boston and Chicago

There aren’t going to be any rainouts, snowouts or weather issues of any kind for the Dodgers’ season opener today. It is an absolutely beautiful afternoon here in San Diego. There isn’t a cloud in sight, the sky is a perfect shade of blue, the field at Petco Park looks like it hasn’t been played on in six months (they DID have a game here Friday night against the Angels), the bunting is in place arond the ballpark and this is exactly what opening day SHOULD be. It’s four hours to game time, and the gates haven’t opened yet. There also isn’t any news yet. We know that Mientkiewicz, Belisario and Ohman will be added to the 40-man roster, but we just don’t know how. One spot was cleared when Danny Ardoin was outrighted. Another will be cleared when Claudio Vargas goes on the 60-day DL. Not sure where the other one is coming from. Should find out soon though, so keep checking back as the day goes on. Summer vacation is over. School is back in session.

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  • Marcel

    I bet the other move is Schmidt being transferred to the 60-day as well.

  • Tony,

    Is Vargas’s injury to his right elbow? If not, he still gets the roster bonus for 1 day on the active roster, right (if the injury is not his right elbow)?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Nice day or not in San Diego, I do have one concern about today’s game. And that is having to face Peavy at 4 pm in the twilight. He’s tough enough early in the day or at night, but late in the day he’s likely to be that much tougher. Well, I guess it’s better than starting the game at 5 pm.

  • joshburke2

    Couldn’t Travis Schlichting be added to the 60-day DL also or instead of?

  • GScott

    Speaking of which, why is this game being played at 4pm and not 7?