Formal introductions along the baselines

Manny drew a loud chorus of boos as he was introduced, and as always, the Dodgers as a whole are being roundly booed. I still think this could be an even bigger rivalry than Dodgers-Giants, albeit without the history, if these two teams were ever really good at the same time and maybe played in an NLCS together. The Padres are celebrating 40 seasons (last year was actually their 40th, this season is their 40th ANNIVERSARY), so that is kind of the theme of the pregame stuff. There is a high school marching band standing in a “40” formation in the outfield while the players are being introduced. I assume they will play the anthem, as there also are several soldiers standing just behind the pitcher’s mound with a giant flag that they have yet to unfurl. See you after the game.

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  • Public_Enemy#1

    Tony, could you start posting the lineups before the games again? Thanks!