Adenhart tragedy hits home for some Dodgers players

Blake DeWitt said he had hit off him during an offseason workout once. James McDonald and Cory Wade both saw him numerous times in the California League when they were all coming up together through the Dodgers’ and Angels’ systems.
“He was a good guy and a tremendous competitor,” McDonald said. “Every time he got on the mound when we played them, you knew it was going to come at you. When I saw that this morning, I got this feeling in my stomach, like a nervous feeling. I had just seen him on ESPN last night, and he pitched a great game. It makes you think about how you can be on top of the world, and the next thing you know, your life can be tragically ended. It makes you realize that can happen to anybody.”
Wade echoed McDonald’s sentiments.
“Our teams played each other a lot in Rookie ball and in the Cal League,” Wade said. “I just remember him dealing on us every time he was on the mound. It’s just sad that a thing like that could hapen to him. Torii Hunter said it best: this is just a game, and it could have been any of us out there. It just happened to be him. We were from the same draft class. It definitely puts everything in perspective and tells you what is important in life.”

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  • ELManiaco

    I heard about this in the morning and couldn’t believe it! He pitched last night and had his best game in his big league career and is simply a shame for a young man to end his life like this! My condolences go out to his family and the others that were involved as well! RIP to all who passed!