Padres 4, Dodgers 3

Cory Wade was the guy standing on the mound when the lead got away in the eighth inning, but he wasn’t the reason the GAME got away, or that the SERIES got away. That had everything to do with missed opportunities. The Dodgers left 11 men on base today, including the bases loaded twice, another guy on third who got there with nobody out and a total of seven of them in scoring position. For the series, they stranded 35 runners, 18 of them in scoring position and seven of them at third base. And they lost twice, by two runs the first time and one run the second. Go figure. Remember how offense was supposed to be this team’s strength? Well, it isn’t quite there yet. Dodgers fall to 2-2. On to Arizona. James McDonald against Jon Garland tomorrow night.

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  • earteaga31

    Spin it how you will, the guy giving up the game winning hit was the same that gave up the moon shot last season to Matt Stairs that still hasn’t landed. Nothing but confidence in a squad that gives up late leads and then can’t cash in a lead off triple in the ninth with the heart of the line up coming to the plate. Yeah, the Blue is going far.

  • Andrea

    Perhaps those of us who think the guys are batting out of order (Manny 3rd? Blake 8th?) aren’t wrong …

  • b.h. blue point,l.i.

    Can Martin please take a pitch when he follows 3 walks including one with the bases loaded just before he bats!! He swings at the first pitch and ends the inning. This is not something new for him, he does it constantly!! Nine men left on base by Martin alone today!!

  • akamoroti

    actually it was broxton who gave up the moon shot. Martin needs to get it together. Even Vin noted that Wade’s shoulder is an issue, 3 times in 4 days might be a little much for him, but Torre does like to burn up 1 or 2 guys in the pen while the others sit and watch.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I was out all day today, and didn’t get to see the game. However, the first thing that struck me was the use of Cory Wade for the third time in the last 4 games. He had an issue with a sore shoulder at the end of last year, and at the beginning of spring training this year. I thought the script included not over-working him. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Ramon Troncoso is on the team, and hasn’t been used yet. What’s the purpose of having him on the 25-man roster if he’s not going to be trusted? Troncoso is a sinker ball pitcher, and if anything, a paucity of work is only going to cause him to be less effective.

    As for the lineup, it’s probably a bit early to start complaining. Manny’s timing is probably still a little off given his late start/injury in spring training. and Russell Martin got off to an extremely slow start last year before catching fire. If anything, Martin’s poor second half was likely due to fatigue from catching too many games. Hopefully, Ausmus will be starting a lot more games than Ardoin/Bennett.

    If it was my choice, I would probably bat Kemp 5th to get his speed higher up in the lineup, and because he has much greater power potential than Martin. Also, Martin’s patience at the plate makes him better suited to hit near the bottom of the lineup, be it 7th or 8th.

    Bottom line, it’s still too early to jump to conclusions. Four games does not constitute a trend. If the Dodgers split four games in the middle of the season, no one would probably think twice about it. Open the season with a split of four games, and some people begin to panic.

  • KidCuba

    Do you know how hard it is to strand a guy on 3rd with no outs? The Dodgers seem to have mastered it over the years.

    And I’m calling it now… Cory Wade is the next Scott Proctor. Torre’s M.O. is to ride the hot hand until it flames out, much like he did to Proctor in NY.

    They struggled badly to score runs against a really weak Padres team, hopefully they get the memo that the season has started because AZ can rake.

  • El Lay Dave

    Agree that the offense should have scored more with their opportunities so the eighth wasn’t so close to begin with.

    Agree the using Wade again today was a bad idea. I was fully expecting Guillermo Mota, who didn’t pitch yesterday, to get the tag-team duty with Ohman for the eighth – I mean, what the hell is he earning $2.35M for as a middle reliever if he can’t be trusted to get one out (if Ohman had gotten both his men) or two outs (as it turned out, with no one on and a one run lead) in the eighth.

    Wondering why Ethier, representing the winning run on first with one out in the ninth inning on the road, wasn’t pinch-run for with Pierre? If Martin double play was a double instead, and Ethier didn’t score….. Or maybe a hit-and-run to stay out of the game-ending DP……

    Weeping for Nick Adenhart and his friends, and their loved ones, and forgetting about today’s Dodger game.

  • phillydodger

    Agreed that Torre’s M.O. is to fall in love with one RP and ride him all year. My thing, is when it was apparent that Wade had nothing, and wasn’t fooling any Padre batters and already gave up the tying run – why not bring in Mota?

    As far as DeWitt, he is no short stop and no lead off hitter. Again, I know he is this year’s Torre darling, but I still think he would have been better served staying in ABQ.

    DeWitt’s best position is 3B and his best hitting slot is 8th in the lineup. We already have an overpriced, strike-out machine there now.

    Regarding the lineup, why not just move up Hudson to leadoff, followed by Eithier, Manny, Loney, Kemp, Russell, Blake and DeWitt?

    It is too early to start saying the Dodgers are trending, but getting a lead-off triple and not getting the tying run was just brutal.

    Manny right now looks positively mortal, but it still is a team game. Remember they only played 7 games above .500 with Manny last year. Not 17 or 20 games over.

  • GScott

    Well they played 7 games over .500 for less than a third of the season, so by simple math, over the course of a full season, you’re right, it wasn’t 17-20, it’s more like 21.