Delwyn Young update

He went 0 for 3 with a strikeout as the DH tonight for ABQ against Omaha. De Jon Watson just confirmed via text message that DY came out fine and will play LF tomorrow as planned. I’m guessing his rehab will go the full 20 days because he is out of options and there doesn’t appear to be a spot for him on the 25-man roster.

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  • Tony
    I am from Albuquerque and I would like to say that Jason Repko is not only playing good out here in Albuquerque but he is such a nice guy. From what I have seen he is 110% all the time. He hits he steals bases and is friedly with the fans. It is a plesure to get to watch him play.


  • ABQDodger

    Evan: I guess you and I comprise the Albuquerque peanut gallery. LOL! I think Repko would have made the Dodgers 25-man roster if Juan Pierre had been moved. But in the case of an injury,Young would be placed on the 25-man roster because of his lack of options.

  • GScott

    That, and the entire industry’s total lack of confidence that Jason Repko can sneeze without pulling a hammy. Dude has legitimate talent, but it’s hard to steal bags from the trainer’s table.

  • GScott

    On a side note, I saw the Detroit Red Wings signed a player to an 11-year deal today. Why is it that a sport like hockey that is quite literally a contact sport willing to give outrageously long-term deals when the vast majority of MLB franchises are scared to sign anyone for longer than three years? I understand pitchers, but good offensive players retain their skills for 12+ years, why not sign them to 9 or 10 year deals?