Ramblings on a slow news day

Joe Torre acknowledged today that the club does need to get more innings out of its starting pitchers. Ramon Troncoso saved their bacon last night by going a career-high 3 2/3, but he consequently isn’t available tonight, and neither is Guillermo Mota because he has pitched two days in a row. … Jason Schmidt and Claudio Vargas showed up in the clubhouse today, what with extended spring training being just across town. Schmidt was in no mood to talk about it, though. Doesn’t sound like he is going to start his rehab anytime soon, although he is expected to make his next extended-spring start around the middle of next week. Vargas said he is getting frustrated with his lack of progress and that when he is finally able to get on a mound again, it’ll be like starting spring training from scratch. So even though he is on the 60-day DL and has plenty of time, he really doesn’t have all that much time. … The lineup change was just because of the way Ethier/Loney were hitting. Even though Ethier has that high OBP, that appears to be part of the reason. Torre said Andre is taking too many pitches right now. … Also, I was just told that the city of Los Angeles, for budgetary reasons, has decided NOT to offer the Dodgers Trolley shuttle from Union Station to Dodger Stadium for games this year, at least for now. But I was also told the team is still working with the city to try to find a way to make it happen. The Dodgers aren’t going to fund this themselves because they see public transit as the domain of city government, not of the team.

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  • ABQDodger

    I took the “trolley” for the one game I attended at Dodger Stadium. I would have been willing to pay a few dollars to ride the busses because they were so convenient. And I think most of the Dodger fans who took the bus would have also been willing to come up with a few dollars. Maybe the City of Los Angeles and the Dodgers ought to consider that option. It probably wouldn’t cover the cost entirely, but it might help keep it going.

  • crzblue

    I took the trolley all the time last year. As Metrolink/bus rider for a few years now so it was so convenient to get off the train and walk the short distance to take the trolley. I along with my friends would have been willing to pay a few dollars extra too.

    Now is back to walking from Union Station to Broadway & Cesar Chavez then getting off at Innes & Sunset and walking up the hill with ocassionally taking a taxi when I don’t feel like walking. Oh well.