Tonight’s lineup: Torre does switcheroo with Ethier, Loney

Ethier is hitting .250 (albeit with a .455 OBP because he has five walks), and Loney is hitting .368 (.429 OBP). So Loney moves up from sixth to fourth while Ethier drops from fourth to sixth. Other than that, the regular lineup is back intact tonight from a personnel standpoint. With Martin hitting between Ethier/Loney, it’s still staggered left-right-left from the three through seven spots. Weird start time tonight, 5:10 local (same as California time). … By the way, MLB had a big press conference here this morning to announce that Chase Field will host the 2011 All-Star Game. If you’re scoring at home, that’s St. Louis for 2009, Anaheim for 2010 and Phoenix for 2011.

Furcal. SS
Hudson. 2B
Ramirez. LF
Loney. 1B
Martin. C
Ethier. RF
Kemp. CF
Blake. 3B
Stults. LHP

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  • Calgator96

    So when is Dodger Stadium going to get an All-Star game again? What’s it been, almost 30 years? I realize that the MLB wants to showcase these newer parks but Dodger Stadium is still a crown jewel of baseball. Fenway and Yankee Stadiums have both had them recently. And Wrigley hosted one in the 90s, didn’t they? Is this something McCourt or anyone else is pushing for? They should. How about 2013?

  • KingErie

    They will probably push for the All star game once the renovation is completely done. Would also not be surprised if baseball then gave the Dodgers the all star game.

  • scuzmore

    I have no problem with the Loney/Ethier switch but more important, Martin is an easy out these days and should be hitting eighth. I would prefer Loney-Kemp-Ethier-Blake-Martin, that keeps the R-L-R thing going (if it’s important). For that matter, I’d rather see Kemp, Ethier, or Loney hitting third and Manny fourth. So, how about Furcal-Hudson-Kemp-Loney-Manny-Ethier-Blake-Martin?

  • TeamHasHoles

    Trade Kemp… I mean if Joe insists on batting him 7th then they might as well trade him, it’s a complete waste of his power, speed and average.

  • KJ

    Tony, why does Torre hate Matt Kemp? Last year he started as a platoon player with Pierre, this season they probably lost one game already because he’s batting too low in the lineup.

  • Eric Stephen

    Nobody hates Matt Kemp. In 2008, Kemp started 144 games, 13 more than any other outfielder on the club (Ethier started 131).

    As long as the right players are playing — and they are — the batting order really doesn’t matter.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Eric Stephen said:

    As long as the right players are playing — and they are — the batting order really doesn’t matter.
    Then why do the Dodgers employ a $6 million/year manager if I could set a batting order (that doesn’t matter apparently) for a hell of a lot less money.

    Personally, I’d bat Stults lead off tonite and have Furcal in the 8th spot, since it doesn’t really matter.