Blake DeWitt optioned to ABQ to make room for Castro

He’ll play mostly 2B, with a few games at SS and an occasional game at 3B, according to Joe Torre. The most important thing is that he will play, every day, with regular at-bats, which will allow him to continue to develop. Guessing this move was planned from opening day, just a matter of clearing a 40-man spot. They haven’t announced yet how they did that, but they have to have done it already because Castro has been added. I’m almost positive it involves Delwyn Young. … If you’re coming, you might want to stuff some cotton in your ears. They’re doing sound checks with the national anthem and God Bless America singers, and let me tell you, the sound system DEFINITELY works. I think I’m going to ask them if they can turn up the volume just a little bit, because I can still (just barely) hear myself think.

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  • Marcel

    It could always be Schmidt to the 60-day DL.

  • Bill Becher

    Probably best for DeWitt at this point… though he’s a gritty, classy player and fun to watch…

  • ABQDodger

    Can the Dodgers get a relief pitcher for Young? They need to shore up their pitching in Albuquerque.

  • Luke McCain

    After the way that Dewitt helped the team last year, they could have postponed his move to Albuquerque until tomorrow so that he could have been part of the opening day ceremonies.