Delwyn Young designated for assignment

That clears the 40-man spot for Castro. Hard to believe the Dodgers couldn’t trade him. Even harder to believe he’ll pass through waivers unclaimed. Until now, he had spent his entire professional career in the organization, since being drafted in the fourth round in 2002. Unless he somehow clears waivers and ends up in ABQ, this can only be good for DY, as it means he should get more of a chance somewhere else.

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  • love russ

    sad to lose DY.. but i’m with you tony.. it’ll be good for him because he can get an actual chance somewhere else.. good luck to delwyn

  • Nick Eustrom

    What is Ned Colletti doing these days? Sleeping?

    The Dodgers signed Mark Loretta, who is a capable infielder at second, short and third base. If for some reason we need a middle infielder for an extended periodof time, we have Chin-Lung Hu waiting in the wings. What purpose does Juan Castro have? He’s the worst hitting player in baseball over the last decade.

    Delwyn Young is also similiar to Doug Mientkievich in career pinch hitting numbers. While he’s not the fielder that Doug is, he could offer more defensive versatility as a second baseman, could be serviceable at third and first, and in the outfield. Offensively, Young has the upside of a switch hitting Andre Ethier. We could really use Young in games like today, against a tough lefthander like Randy Johnson.

    You don’t give players like Young away. He will be the next Shane Victorino or Jayson Werth, valuable players under team control for years. Instead we go with guys who were not on the 40 man roster, who signed minor league contracts. It’s okay though, Doug and Juan are veterans…

    Why didn’t we sign Dallas McPherson? McPherson could have been used at AAA Albuquerque as a 3B/1B/DH as an injury replacement for Casey Blake or James Loney.