Juan Castro to join Dodgers in time for Monday’s home opener

He will have his contract purchased from Triple-A Albuquerque in the morning. No word on the corresponding roster move. I do have a pretty good idea of what it will be, but I’m also fairly sure the player who is going down hasn’t been told yet, so out of respect for that, I’m going to hold off on speculating. But I’m sure you can figure it out. As for clearing a 40-man spot, I’m guessing Delwyn Young has been traded for a sack of balls, probably to Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Philly, all of whom were scouting him on his rehab assignment. But again, that’s only a guess, and it’s also possible he will be DFA’d if no deal was reached.

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  • phillydodger

    I would guess you are hinting at DeWitt going down and if so, I think it is a the right move for him and the big club as well.

    Also, good to see Loney in the 4 hole where he belongs. I think Eithier could still benefit from batting in front of Manny, possibly in the 3 hole. And of course, I am joining the masses in support of moving Kemp up to 5. He is wasting away down there at 7!

  • bruinfan319

    Phillydodger I’m with you as well…I’d like to see Ethier in the 3 hole, Manny cleanup, Loney 5, and Kemp 6. I know Torre likes going R-L-R-L-R but Martin is struggling so badly it doesn’t make sense to keep him up there

  • ABQDodger

    DeWitt is not getting nearly the playing time that he needs up with the Dodgers…So it’s gotta be him coming down to Albuquerque. My sense is that Castro probably would have started the season with the big club instead of DeWitt if they had a spot on the 40-man roster at that time.

  • Oldthunder

    Tony you give our GM too much credit, a bag of balls in Ned’s eyes is a steal and he saves $400,000 for our new ballparks across LA.