Wes Parker on O-Dog’s cycle

Mark Langill, the Dodgers’ official team historian, caught up with him by phone during the game. Here is part of what he said:

“A lot has happened in baseball and the world over the last 39 years. Cesar Izturis and Gary Sheffield came closest to hitting for the cycle. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. A lot of friends become aware of it over the years and now people realize how difficult it is to accomplish. Congratulations to Orlando. I hope he appreciates he’s in a very unique club. I can’t believe only two people in 51 years. It’s great fun to have a game like that. He’ll be on a high for two weeks.”

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  • Nice piece of reporting Tony. Thanks. I’m clicking the ad, too.

  • cheba63

    IIRC, Either has had a few games where he was only 1 shy of the cycle, so he has come pretty close as well.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Wow…can’t believe Parker KNEW that Sheffield and Izturis came close to hitting for the cycle…it’s too bad Manny Mota never accomplished this feat because it would have been known as a Mota-cycle…