Delwyn Young traded to Pirates

dodgers will get two players to be named later, presumably minor leaguers. I assume DY will be placed on the Pirates’ active big-league roster. This can only good for DY, who might not play every day but should at least get more playing time than he would with the Dodgers. Plus he and Andy LaRoche are good friends from their Dodgers days. Andy went to the Pirates as part of the Manny trade, which was a three-team deal with the Red Sox.

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  • False Hope Rally

    Sad day in Dodgertown; DY was one of the most fun players on the team. Plus it seemed like all the other guys loved having him around.

    Best of luck, Delwyn.

  • Denton True

    I think he will be a useful player, despite not being strong defensively at second base or the outfield. He’s hit everywhere he’s been. I wonder if he will become another Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino, Cody Ross guy, a player caught in a roster crunch that has to be moved for practically nothing in return but goes on to be of value elsewhere.

  • berkowit28

    Tony, do you think you could try to find out what’s happened to Brian Mazone? He did pretty well in Spring Training and was included in the list on the last day of ST of those “sent down to minor leagues”. But he doesn’t appear on any minor league roster, nor does he appear on any transaction report as having been DFA’d or released. He has just disappeared, evaporated. Would he be in “extended spring training”, whatever that means?

  • crzblue

    Good luck Pee Wee! Is just unfortunate that you could not continue to be a Dodger.
    Vote for Vin Scully! He is MR. L.A.!

  • ToyCannon

    Best of luck DY! A great guy; I hope he does well for the Pirates. Met his family a couple years ago at Vero Beach spring training when DY was still in double-A, wonderful people.

  • crzblue

    Tony! Know that we really appreciate that you keep us all informed here! Are you going to the Bluetopia? I have been invited to watch the premiere!