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Jason Schmidt had a good day today, threw 73 pitches in an extended spring training game and felt good afterward, according to Stan Conte, who added that Schmidt will make AT LEAST one more start at extended before embarking on a minor-league rehab. … Hiroki Kuroda is still having pain in his left side, so he has no chance of coming off the DL when he becomes eligible next Wednesday. It’s still a short-term injury (they hope), but Stan said he will need at least one minor-league rehab start to make sure he’s ready because this type of injury has a tendency to come back. … Ethier’s return to the cleanup spot appears to be temporary, and it’s based on the fact he is hitting .593 (16 for 27) for his career against Matt Cain, tonight’s starter for the Giants. … Also, Tony Abreu is going to be out for a WHILE. He was on crutches for a week after he suffered the injury. Stan saw him last weekend when the Dodgers were in AZ and said he was doing better, but he also said these injuries are typically three- to six-week deals.

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  • Buddy

    Kershaw has been great through 7. Despite the 13 strikeouts, it’s time to take him out of the game. It would be nice to have that elbow attached to his body.

  • ToyCannon

    Take him out!? The 21 yr. old is pitching a one hitter with 13 K’s & leading 2-1; it should be his game. Torre & most of these managers are slaves to the pitch count. 105 pitches is not a lot for a 21 yr. old–he has plenty of juice. Let him finish the game. Of course the pen didn’t hold the lead. A wasted awesome performance by Kershaw (he should have 2 wins & has none because Torre yanks him too early).

  • Buddy

    Yup, I still would have taken Kershaw out. I’d rather have one bad inning of relief than lose somebody of Kershaw’s caliber for a year and half.

  • GScott

    ToyCannon, let us all be grateful you are not in a decision-making capacity for our favorite team. We lose to the Giants in April big deal. We lose Kershaw like we lost Sandy and you’ve lost a decade of good baseball.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Absolute correct decision to remove Kershaw. I wasn’t in the least bit worried that “it should be his game.” What’s important to me is that IT SHOULD BE HIS CAREER THAT THE DODGERS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose sight of the bigger picture.

    As for Koufax (and I could be wrong about this), I believe that his elbow problems began in 1964 after he was used as a pinch runner by Walter Alston, and jammed his elbow sliding back into second base following a pick-off attempt. If anyone can confirm or refute this, I would appreciate it.

  • ToyCannon

    You guys ever hear of a complete game victory?! The guy can’t pitch another inning–he’s 21 yrs. old, his career is happening now, right before your eyes, he’s pitching. Koufax had severe arthitis (jamming your elbow doesn’t cause arthitis) in his pitching arm that ended his career early. Not every player is made of paper. What a bunch of pansies! Torre did the same early hook with Lowe in the playoffs with the Phils, a game the Dodgers were leading & Lowe was extremely effective in; it was the turning point in the series as Dodgers lost as Lowe left. Also, a loss in April counts in the standings as much as a loss in Sept. I am glad they comeback & won however–go LA!