Dodgers 9, Rockies 5

Manny finally went deep for the first time this season, then he went deep again. Andre Ethier went deep twice, as well. Chad Billingsley was really good for five innings, then a little shaky in the sixth, but he got through and handed the bullpen a 5-3 lead which was quickly widened when the Dodgers rallied for four in the seventh. The bullpen was a tad shaky today, but it didn’t really matter because the boys had such a big lead. Oh, and Will Ohman drove in the first run of his big-league career, using Manny’s bat, with an RBI single in that seventh-inning rally. Without looking it up (taking his word for it), Ohman is now batting .500 lifetime (2 for 4) with one walk in five plate appearances. He used Manny’s bat, but he used his own glove. “Send them to the Hall of Fame,” he said. … Matt Kemp went 1 for 3 with a walk and has now hit safely in all 12 games this season. But he also lost a fly ball in the sun while his sunglasses were still in his cap. … Aaron Cook simply isn’t himself this year. Dodgers, who had three of their regulars on the bench, got to him for five runs on eight hits over four innings, all of it on Manny’s HRs (both solo) and Ethier’s first one (a three-run shot). Cook’s ERA in three starts is now 10.22. … I also found out after the game that Hiroki Kuroda probably will NOT throw off a mound tomorrow despite his having told the Japanese media that. He probably will, however, play catch again. … Dodgers run their winning streak to seven games, one shy of their longest one last year. They are 9-3. Pods playing a night game, but it’s going on now because they’re on the East Coast. James McDonald against Ubaldo Jimenez tomorrow at 1:10.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I raised this in the previous thread, but since Tony mentioned it here, I’ll raise it again. Having his sunglasses on the TOP of the bill of his cap is nothing new for Kemp. However, I don’t believe the criticism falls on him. If I’ve noticed it, and I’m sure others have too, then I can’t believe that the Dodger coaching staff hasn’t also. And if that’s the case, then why haven’t they spoken to him about it? And if they have, why is it still happening? I can’t believe that he refuses to follow directions, since I’m certain that doing so would result in disciplinary action. Certainly, Torre, Bowa and Duncan are not shrinking violets. And that’s probably the case for Bob Schaeffer as well. To say the least, it’s baffling.

    Well tomorrow is another day game, and unlike today, I won’t be blacked out by FOX (which is why I hate it when the Dodgers play day games on Saturday). I’ll be interested to see where Kemp’s sunglasses are located. Actually, since I didn’t see the game on TV today, can anyone tell me if the glasses remained on the top of his cap after the misplay?

  • Andrea

    BD, I think he wore flip-down sunglasses (under the cap) for the rest of the game.

  • ELManiaco

    Yes, Kemp’s sunglasses were on top of the bill of his cap?? Eventually he will figure it out?

    This was probably one of the best regular season games I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know if it was because Manny finally hit a HR and then another in the same game, along with Ethier also hitting 2 HR’s? I always felt that the Dodgers were in control of the game, I’ve haven’t had that confident feeling ever? Some of the FOX notes regarding 2 players hitting multiple HR’s for the Dodgers, Beltre and Green back in 2004. Also another stat that I heard was since the All-Star break from last year, the Dodgers home record is 28-9, which is the best! I don’t how accurate that info is? So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how the pitching has gone so far, let’s hope we can keep this going?

    A couple of questions for Tony,
    Were you able to catch what Manny said to Torrealba after he hit his first HR? Seeing the replay, I caught Manny to what seem like talking smack to Torrealba when he touch home plate?
    Also, Manny isn’t using his mouth piece anymore when he bats? I know Manny uses chew and so far that’s all I’ve seen him use? Just a thought.

  • GScott

    Still waiting to hear that they signed Hudson for a 21/3 extension.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I’m not worried about Kemp figuring out that he needs to wear flip down sunglasses. What irks me, is that it hasn’t already been drilled into his head by the coaches and other players. And if somehow he doesn’t get it (which I find inconceivable), then it’s not all that difficult to insist that he does it the right way, with consequences if he doesn’t.

    Kemp’s game, in all aspects, has improved markedly over the last few years. From my own observations watching him in games, and in spring training in each of the last two years, I have total confidence in his aptitude and motivation to successfully incorporate whatever he learns.

  • GScott

    Ya, this is his 4th year in the majors. The little things should be given despite the fact that he’s 24. Also, any word Tony on the Dodgers’ plans to sign any of ethier/loney/kemp/broxton/martin/billingsley/kershaw/hudson long-term? I don’t think any Dodger fan would regret us signing all these guys long term instead of spending 20+ mil/yr on 1-2 year deals on 1 slugger(Jones/even Manny).

  • K Wolf

    I really like Ethier hitting in front of Manny. I think when Furcal is back in the line-up that Ethier should be in the 3 spot and Manny should hit clean-up. It worked out really well last year, so I keep saying that is the way it should be.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Manny’s been having a huge impact on this lineup even without his pop. The #2 spot in the lineup (mostly Hudson, but with Ethier Saturday) is hitting .367 with a .446

    I wouldn’t move Manny ANYWHERE in this lineup. First of all they’ve won 8 of 11 as is. Secondly, it’s more important that the lead off hitters with speed and run scoring capabilities get the good pitches to hit in front of Manny not a guy like Ethier. The #3 hitter in your lineup should be your best hitter and clearly Manny, even in a slump, is your best hitter. the Pitchers think so, just ask Hudson.

    Something tells me Orlando wouldn’t be hitting .361 with a .455 OBP with 4 Steals and 9 runs in 11 games if Andre Ethier was hitting behind him all the time.

  • Dave R.

    “Still waiting to hear that they signed Hudson for a 21/3 extension.”

    Hopefully that doesn’t mean that you think it’s a good idea to give a 31 year-old 2B $21 million?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    THH makes some good points. It also doesn’t hurt to have the hitters following Manny hit with runners on base. With Furcal and Hudson getting on base, and Manny drawing a boatload of walks, that should be the norm. Besides, Manny can’t be expected to do it all by himself, and if this team is going to grow, it’s going to happen when the players following Manny begin to consistently drive in runs, making it more problematical to pitch around him.

    If I were to make any change to the lineup it would be to flip flop Kemp and Martin. Kemp has much greater power potential than Martin, and I would prefer his speed higher up in the lineup. Although I have seen some signs of progress, I still believe that Martin often swings too hard, and doesn’t take the ball up the middle and to right field as often as he should. I believe, at least at present, he would be better served hitting lower in the lineup where he would be less power conscious. Martin simply needs to make consistent solid contact, and drive the ball into the gaps and down the lines. Doing so will produce plenty of extra base hits, and an occasional HR. Combine that with good strike zone judgment, and Martin should be find himself at or near a .400 OBP.

  • GScott

    “Hopefully that doesn’t mean that you think it’s a good idea to give a 31 year-old 2B $21 million?”

    Why not, we just finished giving a 38 year old 2B about 35mil. 31 is still most people’s prime years (27-32). I don’t think ANYONE will deny that Hudson is better than what Dewitt’s best is at 2B(regardless of his future as a 3B). 7mil a year for a very productive position player who also plays gold glove defense and is a team leader is very reasonable.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    It’s probably a bit early to be locking up Hudson to a long term contract. I’m sure Dodger management has a better feel for the player market than any of us, and at this stage I’m willing to accept their judgment. The decision to sign a player involves consideration of multiple factors, some of which we, as outsiders, are not privy to. I’m sure, among other things, that they assess the potential availability and readiness of other players currently outside the Dodger organization, and some within it.

    I read Baseball America, and think that I have a pretty good grasp on the potential within the organization. But every year, new names emerge that I, but not Dodger management, knew nothing about. And even Dodger management occasionally has their eyes opened as the season progresses.

    Too many fans spent the winter being upset that the Dodgers were doing nothing. Turns out, at least at first glance, that they did a pretty good job in putting this team together. And I venture that there is a good chance there’s more to come. Instead of suggesting deals and contracts, I think it best that we all sit back, withhold judgment for the time being, and wait for things to develop.

  • GScott

    What? You want fans to be rational and just enjoy the team rather than try to think for them? BLASPHEMY!