Remember Chuck Tiffany? Well, he’s back

Assistant GM Logan White, the Dodgers scouting director who drafted (second round) and signed Tiffany in 2003 — the team had taken Chad Billingsley in the first round — signed Tiffany again this week, this time to a minor-league contract. The Tampa Bay Rays had given up on the left-hander after he had trouble coming back from rotator-cuff surgery, releasing him about three weeks ago. But Logan saw him throw and deemed him at least healthy enough to take another chance on. Tiffany has been assigned to extended spring training for now, where he will try to pitch his way onto the roster of one of the Dodgers’ affiliates. You may recall he was traded to Tampa Bay on Jan .14, 2006, along with pitching prospect Edwin Jackson, for relievers Danys Baez and Lance Carter. Jackson was a big part of the Rays’ run to the A.L. pennant last year before being traded to Detroit in December. Baez is back in the majors with Baltimore after missing all of last year. And Carter hasn’t pitched in the majors since the Dodgers released him after that season.

Here is the link to a story on True Blue L.A. about Tiffany that appeared on March 31.

By the way, forgot to mention this earlier, but James McDonald WILL start tomorrow’s game and be on a regular starter’s program, so it won’t be a “bullpen day,” as Joe Torre had previously said it might be. The addition of Scott Elbert to the bullpen means McDonald won’t be needed there today.

  • GScott

    Three Questions: Gary Sheffield just hit his 500th HR.

    1) Is he a hall of famer?

    2) If so, he hit more HRs with the Dodgers than any other team he played for. Does he go into the hall as a Dodger?

    3) If so, do we get the chance to reject him?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Unfortunately, since I live in NY, due to FOX, I’m blacked out on MLB Extra Innings, and have to listen to the Dodger game on radio, thanks to my MLB.TV subscription, which is also blacked out, but at least gives me radio access.

    As a result of the above, I didn’t see Matt Kemp lose Seth Smith’s double to center in the sun. However, based on the description, it appears that he was wearing his sunglasses on the TOP of the bill of his cap. Having seen him do that on TV numerous times, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not the Dodger coaching staff is awake. Hasn’t anyone talked to him about this, and if not, why not? Even though Billingsley got out of the inning without a run scoring, it could still have an effect later on, given that he ran up his pitch count by having to face two additional hitters, one of which walked.

    My other beef is that the blackout caused me to miss both of Manny’s HRs. Guess I’ll have to wait for the replays on the Dodger website.