The trouble with Hong-Chih Kuo

Talked to him briefly this morning. He said there is nothing wrong physically, but that he might be having some mechanical problems that he doesn’t have time to do anything about when is on the mound on in a tight situation, as he usually is. He did say he is struggling with his confidence, though.
“I have just lost confidence,” he said. “I just have to keep working.”
Joe Torre said he would have no problem giving the ball to Kuo in a tight eighth-inning situation today, but that he would strongly prefer to find an innocuous situation to put him into, say with a big lead, so Kuo would be free to work on things and perhaps find himself. Joe also said Stan Conte indicated Kuo could probably pitch on back-to-back days now, something Torre has been reluctant to do because of Kuo’s health history.
“(His struggles) might be based on the fact he hasn’t worked a lot,” Torre said.
Also, Cory Wade will have an MRI on Monday just to be safe before he goes to Arizona. And we asked Joe why Elbert was the move given that they could have moved Mkz to the 60-day DL and called up Jeff Weaver. Joe didn’t really answer except to say that there isn’t a 40-man roster spot open RIGHT NOW and that as such, Elbert was the easist move. But he did concede that Mkz probably will be moved to the 60-day soon.