Some injury updates … and yes, there is one for Jason Schmidt

But first, there is this: Hiroki Kuroda is throwing off a mound as we speak (or as I type, I guess would be more accurate). We can barely see him, as the visiting bullpen here is behind a mesh wall. He just stopped. Looked like about 15 pitches. … Schmidt threw about 70 pitches in an extended spring game, and it isn’t yet determined whether he is now ready for a rehab assignment. … Cory Wade feels much better, played long-toss in Arizona today and should be getting on a mound soon. He has a good chance of returning as soon as he becomes eligible, which is next Monday in San Francisco. … And Mkz had successful surgery yesterday to repair what he did to his shoulder. Torre said he doesn’t expect him back until September, but he will be around the team all year as head cheerleader, which is good news for the Dodgers because this guy is a positive presence in the clubhouse and around the younger players.

  • Luke McCain

    If Schmidt starts a rehab assignment, does the clock start where he only has a certain amount of time on a minor league team before he must be called back to the Dodgers?

  • Dave R.

    30 days Luke…

  • Yeager

    Mkz’s new career should be touring minor league camps and Little League practices preaching against the evils of the head-first slide!

  • Buddy

    You are absolutely right about head-first sliding.

    Incidentally, why don’t we ever hear about players having “unsuccessful surgery.” Heaven knows it happens more often than we think.

  • GScott

    It would seem Furcal had about 3 unsuccessful ones in a row. Schmidt as well.