Thursday’s game now on MLB Network, not on KCAL

That’s due to a scheduling conflict with the Lakers playoff game. Not much news so far today, but the Dodgers took early BP. Saw Blake DeWitt, Russell Martin, James Loney, Juan Pierre (he ALWAYS participates), Mark Loretta and Juan Castro down there. That’s not necessarily everyone who was there, just everyone who was there when I was paying attention. Roof is open for now, but not sure what they’ll do at game time. Much like Chase Field, this place feels completely different when it’s open-air.

  • berkowit28

    Tony, have you been given this information by the Dodgers? Is MLBN not going to be blacked out in the LA region on Thursday? The game was in fact always scheduled on MLBN (as well as KCAL), but would normally be blacked out in LA due to the KCAL local broadcast. Has anyone confirmed that it will now be viewable on MLBN in LA region?

  • dodgrdog88

    Well, at least Lemonade Stand Park, I mean, Minute Maid Park, has some character to it inside, and doesn’t resemble a large airplane hangar. I was down there for the 07 and 08 season series and found it to be a fairly nice park (I live in the Dallas area now – couldn’t get down to Houston this year, but will be at the interleague games up here in Arlington in June).

  • karmabad

    Lame. Was looking forward to watching this game. Oh well, go Lakers.