Astros 6, Dodgers 5

First question to Joe Torre after the game was why it was Ronald Belisario out there with a one-run lead in the eighth inning (he let it get away) instead of Hong-Chih Kuo, the guy who was supposed to fill that role all season. What Joe said, in that way that Joe is so good at of saying something without really saying it, is that he doesn’t feel he can trust Kuo right now with a game on the line.
“We’re still working on that with him,” Torre said. “He is all right physically, but we’re just trying to get him into a situation more toward the middle of the game before we get him into the back end of a game.”
Kuo seemed understanding of that, given that he failed to get out of the eighth inning of both of his two most recent appearances and retired only one of the six total batters he faced in those outings. He hasn’t been in a game since Friday.
“I’m just trying to get ready for every day and get myself ready for whenever they want me to pitch,” he said.
Belisario was standup about letting this one get away, said he wasn’t nervous at all, but I have never seen a guy who wasn’t nervous throw a wild pitch while trying to INTENTIONALLY WALK somebody. Come to think of it, I have never seen ANY pitcher throw a wild pitch while trying to intentionally walk somebody, so maybe I should cut Belisario some slack.
Good effort by Randy Wolf tonight, got through seven strong innings on just 91 pitches. But he blamed himself for the loss based on the fact that just after the Dodgers scored four in the sixth — back-to-back solo HRs by Manny Ramirez and Andre Ethier and a two-run shot by Casey Blake, all of Roy Oswalt — Wolf walked Lance Berkman to start the bottom half, leading to a two-run inning that tied the game.
Dodgers fall to 10-5, still lead the Pods by one. Chad Billingsley vs. Wandy Rodriguez tomorrow at 5:05, should be an all-Rodriguez battery for the Stros unless Pudge is given the night off for some reason.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Belisario has a lot of natural movement on his fastball which probably at least partially accounts for the wild pitch. He’s got really good stuff, but I’m guessing he needs an effective off speed pitch to complement his fastball. Mariano Rivera is still the only pitcher I know of who can get by with a single pitch.

    It didn’t help that Cory Wade is on the DL. Hopefully, he comes back healthy. If Kuo is healthy, then it’s time to get him into a game or two. Can’t keep waiting around for the perfect situation to present itself.

  • Round Rock 15

    Well you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you’ve seen this, then.

    That’s what I was reminded of tonight.

  • crzblue

    Wow Round Rock15! that was wild!

  • phillydodger

    Tidbits from the watching the game on MLB extra innings last night.

    While Dodgers lead the NL in just about every offensive category, they are only hitting .243 ON THE ROAD going in to last nights game.

    Russell Martin has yet to throw out anyone this year and was only around 20% successful last year. The Astro TV voices were intimating that some Dodger sources claimed his numbers were down because how slow Kent got to the bag last year. (I don’t see it myself. When you watch Russell throw short and wide and then see Pudge still firing to second, there’s a huge difference).

    Adam Dunn leads the NL in walks, Manny is second and
    Eithier is in the top five as well – and the D’s lead the league in walks as well.

  • USC’89

    Torre is the most overrated manager in this history of baseball. He blew the NLCS last year and it seems hes going to keep blowing games this season.

    By my count this is now 3 games the Dodgers have lost, that they should have won. That is unacceptable and wont result in any World Series anytime soon. So sad because this team is pretty damn good. (although they still need to get another starter)

  • karmabad

    I’m not saying that they should sweep the Astros, but they should have definitely won this series. It’s slightly concerning that they can’t beat this team yet…we’re still in first, but we need tonights win as the rest of the NL west is slowly starting to catch up. Hot streak over.

  • GScott

    I don’t think you can call the hot streak over when we’re still scoring MINIMUM 5 runs and only when it’s Roy Oswalt-type pitching has it been that low. Wolf gave up a couple runs he shouldn’t have but if we play D at least 1 of them doesn’t score. We’re still playing great the Astros have just played cleaner.

    I’m so SICK of Doom-and-Gloom Dodger fans. It’s friggin APRIL! They have played 15 games! Relax!

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    G. Scott’s got it just right. Can’t say I’m surprised at the “Doom-and-Gloom” crowd. Happens all the time. Some people forget that it’s a 162 game season, guaranteed to be littered with high and low points. I always try to remember that no one is ever as good as they are when they’re at their best, nor as bad as they are when they’re at their worst. Has anyone forgotten 2006 when the Dodgers followed up losing 13 of 14 by winning 17 or 18?

    Let the season play out, and wait for a larger sample size before jumping to conclusions.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Make that 17 “of” 18.