Hiroki Kuroda to return to Los Angeles, see Dr. ElAttrache

He experienced more tightness in his left oblique after his most recent bullpen session on Thursday. Stan Conte stressed that it isn’t a “setback,” as oblique injuries are notoriously slow to heal anyway, but the fact there was little to be accomplished by Kuroda going to San Francisco with the team led to the decision for him to go back and see team physician Dr. Neal ElAttrache. At any rate, it doesn’t appear Kuroda’s return is imminent. … In other injury news, Cory Wade will pitch an inning in relief, behind Jason Schmidt, for high Single-A Inland Empire on Tuesday against High Desert, then (assuming that goes well) be activated when the team gets home. He will NOT be joining the team in San Francisco.

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    I’d like to see a healthy Wade back in uniform when the Dodgers get back to L.A.
    Cory Wade at his best was one of the reasons we made it to the postseason, last year.

  • GScott

    And this time Joe won’t use him 3 out of 4 days?

    Joe should have watched Dusty Baker’s career evaporate after destroying Wood/Prior to know not to blow out the only good middle reliever he has.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I would like to see Wade and Kuroda back when they are REALLY ready, not a minute earlier. Last thing the Dodgers need are players with lingering injuries.

    The thing that worries me about Wade is the fact that his bursitis returned after a full winter off. Seems to me that more could have been done over the winter to get him ready. It the bursitis in his shoulder becomes a chronic problem, it could lead to surgery to remove the bursa sac, minor surgery in relative terms, but surgery nevertheless.

  • grumpy3b

    I just knew it, the Dodgers have been very deceptive about pitching injuries since the new ownership has taken the reigns. Kuroda is a moderate-high risk guy, as have been all pitchers from Japan. They simply have not thrown enough innings over their life time to hold up to the rigors of MLB.

    And yeah, obliques are a bugger to heal and are as important to pitchers as their legs. But somehow I am suspicious there is more to this injury and in order to keep potential trade partners or FA’s out there from really raising the price, the obfuscation/spin brigade is working overtime.

    I hope I am wrong…but it was my first thought when Kuroda was named opening day starter…he is gonna break down around the AS break…well, it happened sooner.

  • grumpy3b

    Brooklyn Dodger:

    There really is nothing that can be done to help bursitis. I had it in my heals (the bottoms no less) when I was a kid and the ONLY relief came from time and rest. I guess maybe today the can provide palliative care as well as some ultrasound to help the inflammation but it is going to keep coming back, until it doesn’t.

    Now, there could be something in there causing the irritation but as far as I know the only way to know for sure it to go in and look, even then it can be missed.

    If you never had it, I can tell you it is painful. Mine actually went away when I hit puberty and never came back, though my RA did. But there were times that it felt like ever step was on razor blades. And to this day, I feel it is why I have walked most of my life on the balls of my feet more than the heels…all from that 3-yr span of bursitis.

    So, yeah, best that he wait…beyond that all he can do is try to keep ahead of it with anti-inflammatories and rest. Kinda sucks for the guy, he has a great gift.