Today’s lineup: Manny, Furcal and Blake all sitting

One interesting point about Orlando Hudson’s hitting streak, which is now at a career high-tying 11 games, is that the fact he hits in front of Manny HAS to be a big part of it. Today, he is hitting in front of Andre Ethier, who is even hotter than Manny, so the O-Dog shouldn’t miss a beat. … Todd Helton is also sitting today, not only because he needs a rest but also because Clint Hurdle wanted to get Jeff Baker into the lineup. he is 4 for 6 with a home run against Clayton Kershaw. He’ll play 3B, with Garrett Atkins moving to 1B.

Pierre 7
Hudson 4
Ethier 9
Loney 3
Martin 2
Kemp 8
DeWitt 5
Castro 6
Kershaw 1

  • Buddy

    Well, at least we know the chances of Hudson scoring a run are higher than him getting an RBI. The guy hitting in front of him has an OBP of .333 with one walk this season. Ethier’s swing looks mighty good right now.

    To Pierre’s defense, however, he is more of a bad contract than a bad player. But the latter is significant enough from preventing him from playing everyday.