Today’s lineup: Manny, Furcal and Blake all sitting

One interesting point about Orlando Hudson’s hitting streak, which is now at a career high-tying 11 games, is that the fact he hits in front of Manny HAS to be a big part of it. Today, he is hitting in front of Andre Ethier, who is even hotter than Manny, so the O-Dog shouldn’t miss a beat. … Todd Helton is also sitting today, not only because he needs a rest but also because Clint Hurdle wanted to get Jeff Baker into the lineup. he is 4 for 6 with a home run against Clayton Kershaw. He’ll play 3B, with Garrett Atkins moving to 1B.

Pierre 7
Hudson 4
Ethier 9
Loney 3
Martin 2
Kemp 8
DeWitt 5
Castro 6
Kershaw 1