Another screw-up by your humble correspondent

If you read this morning’s paper, I mentioned that the wild pitch Ronald Belisario threw in the eighth inning last night “should have been” a passed ball charged to Russell Martin. Well, no, it shouldn’t have been. In my haste to make deadline — and, I must admit, in trying to find whatever evidence I could to support my premise that Belisario was more the victim of bad luck this time than of his own bad pitching — I got that wild pitch confused with another wild pitch earlier in the game by the Giants’ Barry Zito. THAT was the one I felt the official scorer botched, that should have been a passed ball. My apologies … and my apologies to Russell Martin. … Much nicer day today. Still cold, but not nearly as windy as last night. Was a beautiful day in the city today.

  • Bill Becher

    Seems like a minor screwup, but there’s lots more opportunity.. it’s a long season.

    The scorer’s decision I didn’t understand was the one giving a hit, not error when Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier collided the other day… I know it was windy, but???

  • El Lay Dave

    Official scorers almost never give an error when two fielders collide. To whom should he give the error? If the ball hit Kemp’s glove, Kemp should get an error because Ethier bumped him as the ball was hitting his glove?

    That said, the official scorer last night obviously just stumbled in from a “The Dead” concert – he had to be high as a kite. Tony’s right, that should have been a PB on Sandoval, not a WP on Zito. And Furcal should have drawn an error when Uribe reached on a “single to SS”; the throw was bounced, pulled Loretta, and was still ahead of the runner. Both plays were so obvious, I didn’t even think to check them right away – didn’t even know that was ruled a WP on Zito until this post by Tony!