• Harpo JB

    I don’t really mean to nit-pick, but …

    [very big grin]

  • El Lay Dave

    The sample sizes are ridiculously small, but Martin has some past success against Sanchez.


    Here’s the Giants vs. Billingsley, also small sample sizes:


  • El Lay Dave

    With a LHP starting, Torre now wants a RH bat to follow Manny, not allowing the left-handed starter to pitch around Manny to get to a lefty (Ethier).

    And I gotta share Harpo JB’s “[very big grin]” – that IS sadly funny.

  • BlueCrew88

    I’m nit sure why you two each have a [very big grin], but I’ll join in too.


  • El Lay Dave

    shoot – I didn’t even see “nit”; I was laughing at two RFs, especially after last night’s fiasco in Frisco!