A walk is as good as a hit

Russell Martin is batting just .198, but he had the game-winning RBI when he drew a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth against former Dodger Duaner Sanchez.
We’ll find out tomorrow whether Jeff Weaver joins the starting rotation and bumps the struggling J-Mac. Joe Torre acknowledged that Weaver was an option.
Perhaps you didn’t catch this on television, but while Hong-Chih Kuo was warming up in the bullpen he sent a pitch sailing over the bullpen fence and it traveled all the way behind home plate. He also bounced pitches in the bullpen and was totally erratic.
Clayton Kershaw said he didn’t have his usual velocity tonight, so he focused more on his command. He was brilliant and staged a thrilling pitcher’s duel against Jake Peavy. Kershaw allowed four hits in seven scoreless innings, but he didn’t factor into the decision and is still without a victory. Closer Jonathan Broxton is 3-0.

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  • GScott

    It takes pitchers years to realize that control far outweighs power. A lesson it took me until after I could no longer play to figure out. Now, if we could get Kershaw to focus on his command when he DOES have his best stuff, he’ll be untouchable.

  • phillydodger

    Is it me or does anyone else wonder/worry about Furcal’s defense? He now has 5 errors, and most/all of them seem to be throwing?

    I was willing to give him a pass when the games were in adverse weather in Colorado and SF, but geeez, it seems every game he makes at least one routine play an adventure.

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    Yes, a walk is as good as a hit and last night it was as good as a homerun.