News and notes

Juan Pierre got the start in center tonight, and Matt Kemp is playing right field. Andre Ethier was given his first day off of the season. Joe Torre said he’s still undecided about James McDonald’s status in the starting rotation. Jeff Weaver is an option to put back in the rotation, especially after he pitched four scoreless innings on Thursday. Rafael Furcal and Casey Blake will be given the day off on Sunday. Mark Loretta is expected to start at third.

  • Buddy

    Does you or the Daily News have any comments about Tony Jackson’s departure and; 2) Will you be monitoring the blog from here on in?

  • Dave R.

    I miss Tony already.

  • GScott

    What Dave said. No offense Jill.

  • newmexicofan

    I agree. Dod you ar the Daily news have any comments about Tony. Will you be taking over the blog?

  • BruinFBBB

    Most businesses don’t tend to like commenting when they’re forced to let folks go…

    We miss you Tony. Welcome Jill…


    How long until The Daily News is out of business? We know what is happening. So sorry for the newspapers. Did you really not see it coming?

  • tparker

    I really miss Tony’s insight. What a bummer.

  • KidCuba

    I miss Tony. Thanks alot Obama…keep your change!

  • GScott

    It’s Obama’s fault that readers want free and immediate insights? If we were willing to pay for the paper’s service Tony and all the other writers would still have jobs.

  • False Hope Rally

    What the hell does Obama have anything to do with this?

    Sorry to see you go, Tony.