Thank you, Tony

Hey all,

I’ve been reading through all your comments in the last few hours. I’m sure Tony has as well. A sincere thanks to Dodgers veep Josh Rawitch for his kind words and Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Weisman for his thoughts.

Tony was about as old-school as they come. He always, always beat you to the ballpark. Even on his days off he was there, just to be around the team and the game. I personally learned a lot from the guy, and loved talking baseball with him.

This blog will continue forward, though there will be a host of voices contributing to it now.

For now though, let’s have this post serve as a shout out Tony…

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  • Dave R.

    Tony – It’s a sad day for Dodgers fans. Good luck to you sir and please let us know where you land on your feet.

    I have more than one LA writer in mind that I’d love to see you replace.

  • GScott

    PPPLLLAAAASSSCCCHHHKKKEEEEEE!!!! Tony, any interest in being on Around the Horn? lol.

  • Johnny Utah

    Tony – great blog. Thanks for all your hard work…it will be missed.

  • Tony, Tony Tony, I already miss your humor. I am done reading this blog if you are not here. ::snif::
    I wish you the best of luck buddy.


  • Buddy

    Thanks for the comments Ramona. As you can tell, many participants in the blog are disappointed to hear the news about Tony and equally disappointed about The Daily News’ lack of transparency about this. I think the bloggers here deserved to what happened. Thanks!

  • Dave R.

    Sorry Buddy, but isn’t it obvious what happened? LA Daily News is losing money and some folks, including Tony, had to go.

  • Jayjay

    signed up with movable type just to comment. I visited this site everyday along with Dohn’s. Tony you are one of a kind, someone is gonna be lucky to have you! Talent always finds a home…

  • Jeremy

    Hi Tony,
    I’ve never posted a comment before. I’ll miss your insights and wit. Please let us know where we can continue reading your thoughts – even if you’re covering a different team.

  • scuzmore

    As far as I know, sportswriters don’t have a union, so when the boss decides to fire someone he makes a choice between his workers, based on what is best for the company, who’s working hard and who might be coasting along with minimum effort… Apparently he decided Tony would be easy to replace, rather than one of the other employees. That’s the real world, folks.

  • dodgerfan

    Hi Tony,
    I just registered so that I could thank you for all of the information and enjoyment that you have provided for me and my family over the past year. We will miss you.
    Hope to be seeing your byline again soon for a more worthy employer.
    Dodgerfan and family in Carpinteria, CA

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    As I said before, I enjoyed reading Tony’s columns and articles including this blog, which for a long time I had trouble getting on.
    It’s going to be strange not seeing his name around here.
    I wish him all the luck in the world, which he won’t need because he’s too talented to be unemployed for long.

  • bob_85364

    Sad…. What is sadder is the DN let Tony go and kept that pervert Scott Wolf with his fixation for posting college cheerleader photos.

  • Woody

    WOW, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if all media lost their jobs and the industry started over again and just reported the facts. Buuuuuut this does have to be one of the biggest surprises I would have never guessed would have happened. They lay off the one and only media guy that gets the stories correct…he got national credit for his inside track on the Manny stories this off season…I kept reading his quotes on rotoworld and they were all coming true, thats the only reason I came into this blog. Soooooooooooooo, this media print gets rid of a guy that was nationally recognized for his dodger insight and they keep all the girls!!!!

    I will never understand why this happens over and over and over again…get rid of the qualified and keep the chicks and minorities.

    Good bye daily news…back to rotoworld!!!

  • Public_Enemy#1

    Thank you so much! I have read your blog for almost 2 years, you will be sorely missed. Wherever you land I wish you only but the best. Any team/paper will be lucky to have you as a beat writer.

  • ELManiaco

    I was a great pleasure reading this blog and all the contributions you made to it. Its unfortunate that the Daily News did not give you a proper send off? A simple mention by you on this blog would of been sufficient! Nonetheless, I know you will be back on your feet in no time and will be keeping an ear open when you get into business. Much Luck

  • Keep the chicks? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been a professional sports writer for 14 years and covered hundreds of Major League Baseball games. I covered Singe-A ball for a year and Double-A ball for two years before coming to Los Angeles. I’ve been a member of our Dodgers coverage team since 2001. Tony’s work is irreplacable, absolutely, but we’ll all do our best to provide you with the best possible coverage. There’s no need to make such ridiculous insults, Woody.

  • Tony Jackson was a great beat writer and a terrific reporter. It’s sad to think he’s gone.

    Some of the comments here are amazing. And not in a good way.

    Good luck, Jill.

  • uclaking

    I’m shocked by the horrible decision made by the Daily News regarding Tony Jackson. There was no one better at covering the Dodgers. What made this blog so special was Tony’s honesty and candidness. It wasn’t difficult to tell that Tony was a dedicated journalist who enjoyed his job. I realize that it was a business decision, but it’s still extremely difficult to comprehend. Thank you Tony Jackson for your excellent reporting… this blog and the coverage on the Daily News will never be the same. It’s a tragedy.

  • Denton True

    I’ve been out of the loop for a few days but just discovered the very sad news about TJ.

    Dammit, this decision really stinks for us Dodgers fans (not to mention for TJ). I really enjoyed the daily updates from Tony and I wish him the best in his next endeavor.

  • Woody

    So Jill, what does years of service mean? That doesn’t qualify anything or anyone…its about quality, not quanity. I don’t care if you have been on staff here longer than anyone else. Not one person that writes for the daily news had more TRUE and CREDIBLE inside info on the team they covered than Tony, period. He didn’t stab in the dark with his opinion and say it came from a “Relaible Source”, soon there after to be found incorrect. He was right on all the time…that is why he was in the position here with this blog. Not one other beat writer or sports writer was more correct on their inside info than him…not anyone who covers the Angles, Clippers, Lakers, Ducks, Kings (sorry Rich, your 2nd…well 1st now) or any other team that this media print covers, PERIOD!!! I am sure that you are a nice lady (I will take back the “chicks” word, yes inappropriate), but your boss got rid of the best and replaced him with 2 people…both of which no one really knew anything about prior to your postings here of late.
    I am not interested in opinions, just facts. The fact is he was the best for this media print and proved it time and time again.

  • Dave R.

    Woody – Your comments are that of a complete sexist moron. I for one am certainly not happy about the loss of Tony Jackson, as I found him to be a true professional and a very gracious person having met him in Arizona this year.

    That said, you come across as not only a complete buffoon, but a sexist one as well. Attack Jill’s opinions if you must, but why attack her gender? Simply makes you look light on the IQ.

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Woody, I don’t normally respond to comments like yours, but as the other “chick” in your reference I thought I’d say, hello.

    I don’t really feel the need to justify my experience to anyone, though as an ex-college softball player I feel very comfortable around professional baseball.

    Just decide for yourself based on what we write. That’s all any journalist asks. If you’re going to do that, at least take a couple minutes to read the Daily News. You seem to be basing your opinion on blog posts, which is hardly fair. When you’ve read some of the columns I’ve written on the Dodgers, then come back and offer an opinion.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with you on one point. Tony did an excellent job covering the Dodgers and will be sorely missed. We’ll all be pitching in to try and fill his shoes.

  • Dave R.

    Ramona – if you have a forwarding email for Tony, please let us know.

    At a minimum, we’d all like to hear where he winds up if you get that information. Thanks.

  • Bill Kurtis

    “I don’t really feel the need to justify my experience to anyone, though as an ex-college softball player I feel very comfortable around professional baseball.”


    I think you were not well served by that comment.

    I read up on you: I see you graduated Stanford, have an MA in Communications, so you’re obviously smart and I’m sure you are talented.

    The point the other person was making (poorly) is that someone with more experience (and probably a higher salary) was let go in favor of you and Jill. Whether the reason was pure cost savings, a desire to avoid litigation, or something else, it is what it is. You got the job; you should have just let it go, or maybe something along the lines of, “I know I have big shoes to fll, all I can do is my best.” To liken collegiate women’s softball to professional men’s baseball (does anything in those two sports intersect, other than that they both count scores as runs and have bases?) _in any fashion_ only calls ridicule upon you.

    Let your work speak for itself. And try to move to braodcast ASAP, because the bell will toll for you before you know it. Talent’s no job guarantor in today’s print media industry.