Another walk-off win

The Dodgers improved to 9-0 at home — matching the 1946 Brooklyn gang for best home start in franchise history — with more late drama in a low-scoring game against San Diego. This time, Andre Ethier’s no-outs, bases-loaded, 350-foot single ended it.

In a game that had a lot of compelling storylines — another walk-off win, Ethier getting the big hit after getting doubled off third base in the sixth, Troncoso inducing the big double-play grounder in the sixth, Wolf looking brilliant for 4 2/3 innings then suddenly losing the strike zone — one at-bat that might get lost a bit is Orlando Hudson’s at-bat in the 10th.

Furcal led off with a single up the middle and Hudson came up looking bunt. What an intriguing at-bat. Hudson worked the count to 3-1, Furcal took off, Hudson swung and managed to snake one through the middle to move Furcal to third. Manny draws the IBB and Ethier wins it. Think about how that at-bat could have gone different. If Hudson gets the bunt down, Manny still draws the walk but it’s up to Ethier to get a clutch hit, not just sky the ball to the outfield. If Hudson fails completely, then it’s just one on, one out.

Quite a game, and they’ll be back at it Sunday afternoon…

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  • bryboiblue

    Glad to see you are still around. Crazy, impressive and odd win. But the D’s survived Peavy and Young. Didn’t beat them, but the bullpen came through.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Hudson’s at-bat was definitely “intriguing”. Given the Dodgers’ previous success against Gregerson, Hudson’s track record as a hitter, and the almost certainty that Manny was going to be given an intentional pass in any scenario, I was opposed to bunting from the get-go. When Gregerson got behind in the count early, I was, to say the least, mystified when Hudson continued trying to lay down a bunt. Rookie pitcher with less than stellar success behind in the count = I need to throw a strike fat pitch. Apparently the Dodger braintrust came to that conclusion after the count went to 3-1, when they apparently gave Hudson the green light to swing away if he liked what he saw.

    Although, like anyone, I would like to see Manny getting more opportunities to drive in runs, I also welcome all the walks he’s getting. Makes the pitcher work harder, and, I believe, as the season progresses, we will see the hitters behind him taking more and more advantage of those situations. And when that happens Manny will begin to see better pitches to hit.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Rich Hammond, slummin’ on the Dodgers board.

  • Steve the Fan

    Hey Rich, are you going to link this blog to twitter like Inside the Kings?

  • Buddy

    I guess no Tony, no blog. Looks like this blog will go away pretty soon given the fact no one from The Daily News acknowledged a key Dodger victory today.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    I was pretty much thinking the same thing. Even Tony’s picture is gone.

  • Buddy

    Yeah, it’s really unfortunate Tony never really had an opportunity to say goodbye to everyone who participated in the blog. I wish the Daily News would at least grant him the opportunity to do just that. He was far more appreciated than most people realized.

  • rjthrelkeld


    Now this is sad. But where to go? Maybe Dylan Hernandez will start one and the LADN can push us all over there. Now that’s ! Good luck former ItDers and enjoy the season.

  • GScott

    Dodger Thoughts, Jon weisman is usually good. Otherwise every other Dodgers Blog is negative nay-sayers like Fire Ned Colletti Now

  • Well guys, I have a website (, members can create an account and if deemed trustworthy can post on the website. It’s more community driven, so not just one person speaking as they please.

    Feel free to come by and if you want to start posting on it, let me know.

    GO BLUE!!


  • Andrea

    As a survivor of a recent “blood-bath” layoff (meaning, I wasn’t laid off, this time), I can empathize with the staff who is left to do their own jobs, plus the jobs of those who left. It takes awhile to get over the shock, absorb it all, and get into a new routine. I’ll cut these guys some slack for awhile and hope they remember to update this place soon.

  • On a day after Bills becomes the first NL hurler to 5 wins, and this year’s team sets the record for most home wins to start the season, and they do so having produced 7 runs while benching a significant number of starters…to not have ANY blog post today to me signifies the death of this blog.

    As sad as that is to say.

    I’ve kept checking this site because I was hoping to find out where Tony lands, but today I was thinking…if they didn’t even let him post his goodbye, why would we be told where he ended up. This has all been very poorly handled by the Daily News (no fault of the remaining contributors), and it’s time for me to remove this bookmark.

    For anyone feeling lost since Tony’s pink slip, I HIGHLY recommend,, and Dodger Thoughts over at the Times site. And Tony, if you’re checking these comments at all, thank you for bringing such unique insight to our team, and good luck!