Why Manny likes LA: It’s just like Cleveland?

Scott Boras did a Q&A with Playboy magazine for it’s June issue. In the interview, he has some interesting quotes about Manny Ramirez.

PLAYBOY: Manny Ramirez made himself such a distraction for the Red Sox last year that they traded him to L.A., where he led the Dodgers to the playoffs. Why did he want out of Boston?

BORAS: Manny enjoyed his Red Sox teammates and loved the organization, but he did not enjoy living in Boston. It wore him out. He wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t like Cleveland.

PLAYBOY: He wanted out because Boston isn’t like Cleveland?
BORAS: [Nodding] For Manny, environment is important. He had liked living in the Cleveland suburbs. I said, “Manny, I want you to play in L.A. They’ve got some really good young hitters, but they need a slugger, and Pasadena’s a lot like those Cleveland suburbs.” He had been to L.A. only three times in his life, but once we got him there he said, “This is the spot for me.”

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  • Buddy

    Hi Ramona,
    I know it was mentioned that several staff members will be contributing to this blog but it would be great if you or Rich is permanently assigned to it. This site was Tony’s and it would be great if someone could now make it their own and contribute daily.

  • scuzmore

    Roger that.

  • Andrea

    I live in Pasadena, and I have to say, I’ve never heard it compared to Cleveland, suburbs or otherwise … I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not! Well, I guess if it got Manny here, I won’t quibble too much!

  • FireColletti

    Ramona, This should be your blog. You’ve done a great job, especially when you filled in while Tony was on vacation. Take control!

  • Andrea

    Tony was just on the radio pregame with Charlie Steiner! He said he’s been absolutely humbled by all the emails and phone calls and messages from all over the country … brought it home how many of us he touched. He said that he’s considering a couple of freelance ideas and will continue to post on Baseball America about the Dodgers every other week, so he’ll still be around LA, but will head home to Phoenix next week to reassess. He says he’s looking forward to the next opportunity.

  • Buddy

    Is it just me or is Russell Martin starting to duplicate Manny Ramirez’ batting stance? He just got a single in the 6th inning that looked like a “Manny” swing, if there is such a thing. As long as it works, I suppose.

  • Money

    THANKS ANDREA! What you posted is MUCH more relevant than what an agent says in Playboy. I hope Tony lands on his feet. My bookmark for this site switches gets deleted as soon as he does.

  • LAbits

    They must have Parrots, a big parade, mountains and smog in Cleveland suburbs.

  • adevandry

    So did you read through Playboy to get that, or did you copy it all directly from Diamond Leung’s Blog?

  • Ramona Shelburne

    No, I’m pretty sure Diamond and I received the same e-mail from a PR company. Sheesh…