News and notes

Cory Wade is unavailable today. Not much other news except that Hiroki Kuroda threw on flat ground today for the second consecutive day but there is not schedule for him to pitch from the mound yet. Also, Jason Schmidt threw 100 pitches in Arizona today. Joe Torre acknowledged that he could be closer to leaving Arizona. Hong-Chih Kuo returned to Dodger Stadium today. He worked out but did not pick up a ball. Jeff Weaver starts tonight, and he’s on a 75-pitch count or so.

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  • Seastheday

    I am really upbeat and optimistic about this pitching staff. By that I mean what we have in the Majors now and what we have in the Minors, both pitching and rehabbing.

    Jason Schmidt should/could help sometime this year. Kuo could come back. Estes and the others at Albuquerque are lurking and awaiting their opportunity.

    Low minors have others. McDonald is back to relief where he needs to be.

    Wow. We could be really sensational. If the hitting keeps on hitting this could be one of the best teams we have had since the glory days of the golden infield.

    All this and Martin and Blake are not hitting for average yet, as well as Loney not hitting for power yet. Orlando was a great pickup, Manny is Manny, JP is a super sub, and when Doug M. gets back we will be that much stronger.

    Ummmmmmmm hmmmmmmm good.

    P.S. While I am sorry to see Tony gone, I am grateful that we have a triad of writers to help keep us informed.

  • El Lay Dave