Weaver leads Dodgers to historical win

Jeff Weaver didn’t even make the team out of spring, but his name will forever be linked with a historical Dodgers victory. Weaver earned the win Tuesday after five strong innings as the Dodgers tied baseball’s modern-day record for most consecutive wins to start a home season at 12. They tied Detroit’s record of 12 set in 1911. The bullpen was stingy as usual and pitched four scoreless innings. Orlando Hudson made two incredible diving catches. The Dodgers can do no wrong, except that Rafael Furcal didn’tn reach base for the first time in 25 games. Clayton Kershaw gets the start tomorrow.

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  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    Yes, this is a great achievement and Jeff Weaver’s name will always be a part of it. Probably more so than the 3 holds, one each by Troncoso, Ohman and Belisario and the save by Broxton.
    I wonder how many people will remember the RBI by Ethier and Loney, the SB by Martin or the great catches by Hudson, that were equally important.