Pete Carroll weighs in

Reaction to Manny Ramirez’ suspension came from far and wide Thursday. Here’s what USC football coach Pete Carroll had to say, via his Twitter feed:

“bummer manny went that way… we love him, but it hurts… now it’s all about opportunity for juan pierre… could he be the new wally pipp?

song of the day! goes out to juan pierre: light my fire by the doors.”

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  • phillydodger

    Any idea on what Manny plans to do until July? I heard on ESPN that he can technically remain with the team and train/workout and travel. Is that true?

    Not sure how that would work out for all parties, but personally the more damage control he does BEFORE he comes back the better for all parties.

    I am probably too hopeful and naive to think he would just come out and fess up and take his lumps with the media NOW, rather than spend pretty much the month of July doing the same thing.

    Also, wondering if he would consider doing a 30 game spell with an Independent League (not affiliated with MLB)?

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Manny can train with the team but he must be out of uniform by game time.

    I don’t think there’s a plan yet, other than to take a few days to collect his thoughts before returning to the team.

    He makes his offseason home in Florida, so I’d expect he’ll be there for a while

  • pk-in-the mesa

    You know the thing is he was given this by a doctor so that doesn’t make it illegal, so why all the hate MLB comiss. The banned substance list is BS and for you people that say it ruined your life you are still beathing aren’t you. I played this sport for 15 years I never took steriods or other things, but I know when I see a great hitter and drugs don’t help one hit. If he was taking all the time why is he so slow of feet, everyone get a clue go back to work and get this econ going.

  • BruinFBBB

    You are only kidding yourself PK and its laughable…

    PED’s work and that’s why players take them. Ask Barry, Sammy, Clemens, McGwire, Palmeroid, Giambi, Arod, Gagne, Paul LoDuca, and on and on and on how much they helped…

    You’re trying to defend Manny for using a WOMEN’S FERTILITY DRUG…please!

    Manny used roids and the HCG covered it up and/or helped his body begin producing testosterone naturally after the juice took that job over for a while…

    Let me guess, OJ is innocent too?

  • Harpo JB

    “Let me guess, OJ is innocent too?”

    No, he isn’t. But Barbara Graham, Bruno Hauptmann and the Rosenbergs were.

    And Pete Rose never bet on his own team’s games.

  • pk-in-the mesa

    bruin, the perfect one

    No I think you are kidding yourself, but maybe not hey why don’t we get an investigator to look at your life?

  • BruinFBBB

    Why don’t you get back on-topic and try to defend your (pitiful excuse of an) argument in the face of my counter-argument?

  • Bill Becher

    Hey Ramona/Jill:

    Does Manny get docked based on the total $25 million for this year or based on the $10 million he’s paid this year as Dylan Hernandez reported? Makes a pretty big difference.

  • BlueCrew88

    He’s docked based on the total $25 million. Dylan Hernandez’s report on this season’s $10 million salary, was just to reference that THIS SEASON, the Dodgers will save $3.1 million due to the suspension.

    “Because Ramirez agreed to be paid only $10 million this season — the other $15 million was to be deferred — the Dodgers are saving just $3.1 million this year.”

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    The reports I’ve read indicate that Manny is being docked $7.7 million. Could it be that MLB considers any money deferred from this year’s salary to be part of his total compensation for this year, and therefore fair game to be docked? If so, then the total savings for the Dodgers would likely be $7.7 million. If this is correct (and I don’t pretend to know that it is), I would guess that MLB expects that the full amount would be deducted this year, and that he would not be permitted to reap any benefit from deferral. Again, just a guess.

  • Bill Becher

    I get it.. the deferred money for the 50 days’ suspension will be permanently deferred…