Player Reaction

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“You just keep playing. It’s not different than if Manny got hurt for 50 days
We’re disappointed, but I think at some point you realize that even though it was self-inflicted, Manny is going through a lot of pain and you feel for him as a person, because you know he’s a good person.

“Manny’s one of the three biggest names in the game, if not the biggest, that’s the main reason there’s so much attention being focused on it. If it was a Triple-A player no one would care.”


“In tough times, we’ve always said to each other, don’t point fingers, come together and get each other’s backs.”

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  • Buddy

    “Manny is going through a lot of pain as a person.”

    What in the world is that all about? This suggests there’s more to the story than we know.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    The quote is:

    “Manny is going through a lot of pain and you feel for him as a person….” All that suggests is that this is a painful experience for Manny, and nothing more.