Dodgers don’t cash in

The Dodgers had the leadoff runner on base in six innings and baserunners in every inning. The Dodgers play an early game – 12:40 p.m. – on Saturday.
“Obviously, it sucks to lose, especially the first game of a series against the Giants,” Russell Martin said. “We’ve got a short-term memory. We know we’ve got a good team.”

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  • phillydodger

    Everyone knows there is nothing more fragile than a hot streak. And it usually is followed by a dip or two. Funny that the D’s almost need a “confidence” win tonight against the second place Giants. Worse yet, if they get swept by the Giants, the home win streak will be all but forgotten.

    That Thursday game against the Nats was a real downer, esp with a 6-0 lead at home against the worst team in baseball.
    A two game win streak would look great as they head east for a tough road trip…

    Would love to see the X-Man get a start soon too!

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Given the circumstances (Manny and the eastern trip), it would be really nice to take the next two. However, doing so is definitely a tall order, given that Lincecum pitches tomorrow. But, you never know.

    I too would like to see the X-man get some starts. However, I don’t see it happening in the next couple of days, given that they face a lefthander today (Sanchez) and Lincecum tomorrow.

    It could be that the team is pressing a bit after the loss of Manny. But baseball is a game of adjustments, and although I believe that they are a better team with Manny, I also believe that they have the talent to play winning baseball without him. This is mostly a veteran team (both the older and younger varieties) that I believe has the mettle and the talent to rise to the occasion. We’ll find out soon enough.

    The Giants, by the way, do not completely surprise me. They’re beginning to reap the benefits of a revamped farm system, that Baseball America rated as the fifth best in the game (they ranked the Dodgers #23).

    This is from the Baseball America 2009 Prospect Handbook:

    Giants: “In a dramatic reversal of form, the Giants have become one of the game’s strongest farm systems, with their highest talent ranking in BA history. San Francisco has spent it’s way to the top, handing out the five largest bonuses in club history in the last three years.

    Dodgers: “Decimated by trades, the Dodgers are about to hit a rut after a stunning run of impact talent through its system that produced the likes of Russell Martin, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw. The next wave, led by Andrew Lambo and James McDonald, doesn’t look as fruitful.”

    Of course, the Dodgers already have more than a few talented young players on the team that no longer qualify in BA’s rankings. And from what I know, they have more than just Andrew Lambo and James McDonald. But most of their top young talent reides below the AAA level, and probably won’t be seen in Dodger Stadium anytime soon.

    Of course, I deviated from the opening thrust of my post by rambling on about the Giants and Dodgers farm systems. For now, I believe this team has to relax, with everyone playing within their own abilities. If so, I believe they will find themselves leading the division when Manny returns in July. Might even be that a rested Manny will have put behind the tendon/hamstring problem he’s had since the spring, and will return fresh for the second half. At the very least there’s reason to hope, and I believe, to be optimistic. For me, the glass remains half full.