Post-Manny circus/tonight’s lineup

Manny Ramirez did not show up today to work out with the team, and no one expected him to. A VERY interesting lineup today, with essentially three leadoff guys back-to-back…Pierre, who’s batting ninth, Furcal, then Hudson. Also, Hiroki Kuroda threw off flat ground for a while today. He is expected to throw off the mound in the next couple of days.
Here’s tonight’s lineup:
Furcal ss
Hudson 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Martin C
Loretta 1B
Blake 3B
Billingsley P
Pierre LF

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  • Buddy

    Looks like a good lineup to me.

    I was shocked that A.J. Finch, the new manager of the D-Backs was given a four-year contract today given the fact he has no pro ball managerial experience. Amazing! Sounds like bad management to me.

    Sure, he’s a smart guy and was known for his development skills but a four-year deal?


    Pierre batted ninth in last night’s lineup too.

  • Buddy

    Primarily because Torre couldn’t bat Pierre 11th as previously requested.