Dodgers 8, Giants 0

Behind a complete-game shutout from Eric Stults, the Dodgers ended their post-Manny two-game skid with a runaway win over San Francisco on Saturday.

Stults, who has faced the Giants in half of his six starts this year, moved to 4-1 and lowered his ERA to 3.58 with a four-hit, five-strikeout performance.

The second career shutout for the 29-year-old who has spent most of his seven-year career in the minor leagues, ironically came the day before mother’s day. Stults’ mother died of breast cancer in the weeks before spring training this year.

The Dodgers’ Manny-less offense did just fine, giving Stults a 4-0 lead after two innings and adding three more runs in the eighth inning. Juan Pierre, playing left field in place of Manny, went 3 for 5 with a pair of doubles.

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  • Marcel

    Welcome aboard, Clay. It would be great to see a consistent voice on this blog again. Your writing style appears to be a good fit.

  • Seastheday

    Personally it doesn’t bother me in the least to have several people from the Daily News posting on this site. As long as we get the news fast.

  • Dave R.

    That’s the problem. None of these writers travel with the team a la Tony, so there’s zero chance that we’ll ever see this blog rise anywhere near the levels Tony maintained it at.

  • Spud

    Tony’s posts were just a lot better too, it really felt like he was just talking to you and having fun while writing. It feels like these writers just force everything.

  • ToyCannon

    Forget Lapdog Tony: he got hit by the Vero Beach Curse as did Manny & the Dodgers. You guys better get used to the VB Curse. Just when you think all is good in Dodgertown (the name Dodgertown should remain in Vero as that IS Dodgertown where the ghosts of Jackie, Campy, the Twin D, etc. reside), the VB Curse hits & when it hits it hits BIG. The VB Curse is devastating–look at Mannywood, it’s in shambles & the McCourts are on suicide watch. McCourt getting a zip code for the Dodger Stadium area he is now calling “Dodgertown” also did not sit well with the ghosts in VB and of course moving to Camel Hump Ranch has ignited this curse that will live until the McCourts are no longer owners.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Could it be that ToyCannon and Snuffy are one and the same?

  • Andrea

    If I were one of the Daily News folks assigned to keep this blog going, WHY would I want to do it if everytime I posted something, somebody whined about the style or the frequency or that I’m not Tony? This job was just added to their job descriptions last week, how about cutting them some slack and letting them get into it?

  • Buddy

    On the positive news front, let’s hope Weaver holds his own today and that the Dodgers’ offense does well against Lincicum. Should be an interesting game. Weaver has been solid in his few appearances this year.

  • I see all these advertisements on this blog and I know Tony wrote for the paper too and with the Dodgers actually doing really well, you think Daily News could have afforded to keep such a great blog going for their viewers.


    Can we have lineups again before the game, any inside info on hot topics/trade rumors.

    If I was LA, I’d offer to pick up Tony and give him a blog right on their homepage. Giving all LA fans a chance to enjoy what Tony brought to the table, and setting the standard for the other clubs.

  • Dodgers Nation

    Also, Thank you Jill and Clay for bringing a lot of these requests to the table already!