Former Dodgers help beat Dodgers; Manny still a no-show

Chan Ho Park had his first win for Philadephia and Jayson Werth stole home as the Phillies won 5-3 today. The Dodgers have lost four of five games since Manny Ramirez was suspended 50 games for using performance-enhancing drugs. Also, Ramirez still has not joined the team and spokent to his teammates, despite everyone from owner Frank McCourt to manager Joe Torre saying he needed to do that.

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  • Julie H

    Did they win 7-5 or 5-3 as the Dodgers’ website says?
    Sounds like a rough one either way actually…


    The Dodger haven’t been losing because of Manny. The Dodgers have been losing because of poor Pitching.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Score was 5-3.

    Certainly the pitching hasn’t been good, and is a major reason for some of these losses. But I also believe that Manny’s absence and the pressure to win without him has affected everyone on the team, players and pitchers alike. They’re all acutely aware of his absence, and everyone is suffering from a combination of pressing and trying too hard. I also believe that even w/o Manny, this is a talented team, and that ultimately the cream will rise to the top. Hopefully, that will be sooner than later. I think what they’re going through is perfectly natural, but that they will begin to relax in relatively short order, with a renewed focus and determination. It also wouldn’t hurt to have Manny make a contribution, and meet with his teammates to offer them encouragement and his support. I would be disappointed if he didn’t.

  • Andrea

    Some of the other news sites say that Furcal and Mota have spoken to Manny and they say he’s planning on being in Florida in a few days, so the no-show count should stop then.

  • 5-3…sorry about that!

  • Spud

    “Some of the other news sites say that Furcal and Mota have spoken to Manny and they say he’s planning on being in Florida in a few days, so the no-show count should stop then.”
    Seriously, its already been said that hes going to meet up with them in Florida since he does live there.

  • phillydodger

    ZZZZZZZZ the Dodgers offense is falling fast asleep. Thought the team would wake up in this hitter’s ball park.

    ZZZZZZZZ J. Martin in a deep slumber behind the plate. Where is the former Gold-Glover winner? Werth Stealing home? C’mon? Really?

    ZZZZZZZ Dodgers pitching is really putting us all asleep with the walks and deep counts. What was Kershaw thinking throwing a curveball to Park with two strikes? He gets a perfect sacrifice off the easiest pitch to bunt.

    The best play of the game might have been Larry Bowa reacting to the Phillies second double steal. He threw his gum (or something) and stormed down into the clubhouse.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Philly, you’re right about the curve to Park. I was thinking the same thing. Martin falling asleep behind the plate may be indicative of a distracted team. Maybe that and a number of other things are what this team needs to begin re-focusing. We can only wait and see.

    The year that Martin won the gold glove he made a boatload of errors, but as often happens with gold glove awards, his bat won the day. Same is true of David Wright in NY, who is anything but a gold glove third baseman.

    I’ll keep trying to remember that you’re never as good as you are at your best, and never as bad as you are at your worst. That applies to baseball teams as well.

  • ToyCannon

    LA 1-4 without Manny; lead cut in half in 5 days. This team looks listless, lifeless. Kershaw throwing a curve to Park 0-2 allowing him to make an easy sac bunt, Martin tossing the ball back to the pitcher allowing Werth to steal home. Dodgers have a vacant stare, like they lost their best friend. Dodgers to go 18-32 without Manny & fall to 3rd place by July 1. I hope I’m wrong.