• karmabad

    Oh boy…really?! Is he expected to give some sort of congressional address that lasts an hour? WHO CARES!

    “Hey Guyz…I’m sorry for letting you guys down…I’m very disappointed. I apologize to you, Mr. McCourt, Joe, the fans. I let everyone down including myself.”



  • Harpo JB

    Here’s the applicable rule/guideline:

    “The expected duration of the apology is directly proportionate to the dollar amount of the contract.”

    A guy making the major league minimum can get by with a quick “Sorry, everybody.” But when you’re one of the two or three highest-paid players in the game, you’d better take enough time that an entire episode of “SportsCenter” or “Outside the Lines” covers it and nothing else.

  • para’s

    Why the question mark on the title here? Would fifteen-minute apology work better?