Tonight’s lineups


Pierre. LF
Furcal. SS
Hudson. 2B
Ethier. RF
Martin. C
Loney. 1B
Kemp. CF
Blake. 3B
Stults. LHP


Bonifacio. 3B
Coghlan. LF
Ramirez. SS
Cantu. 1B
Uggla. 2B
Hermida. RF
Ross. CF
Paulino. C
Volstad. RHP

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  • grumpy3b

    thanks BD!! Now I can leave this place to Chris Berman and spend time reading actually reasoned looks at our Bums again. Plus there is always the Great Camelback Hot Dog Scandal when it gets dull in June & July… 😀

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Want to know what Tony will be doing at L.A. Dodger Talk? See the link below, where Tony also let’s us know that he sincerely appreciates all the expressions of support he received from the readers of this blog, and elsewhere.

    Like grumpy3b, I too can abandon this place. Maybe I’ll stop by once in a while to see if it still has a pulse (unlike the management at the Daily News).

  • Harpo JB

    Quoting Brooklyn Dodger:
    “Like grumpy3b, I too can abandon this place.”

    If you do, you’ll miss out on the timely, incisive postings that announce the starting lineup …

    … fifteen minutes after the game has started!

  • kiyo8

    Yea where is Tony this thing rarely updates im beginning to check it less now cuz it is not updated i liked this blow now im less likely to look at it since no one updates it bye

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    In my post above I said that I would stop by this site occasionally to see if it still had a pulse. Well, here I am out of curiosity, and to my amazement there are no new threads. No pulse detected. News of Tony’s move seems to have been the nail in the coffin.

    Time to remove my bookmark for this site. I’m still considering whether I should do the same for the Daily News’ Dodger page.

    Guaranteed that Tony would have had something up long before this regarding Kershaw’s 7 no-hit innings.