• Paolo

    How about one of you guys does their job and gets us an update on Andre Ethier. Or would that just be too much to ask?

  • Vasquez

    How about you stop being a jerk and let them do their job. They are already short and running out of money and resources and Gene is doing his best to get the job done. Relax, if you don’t like it get out of here. How about Andre is day to day with a contusion. GO home

  • Paolo

    Let them do their job? Yea that’s exactly what the dailynews is NOT doing. Gene isn’t doing the best to get the job done. Blogging that the final score isn’t exactly the sort of insight I have come to expect from this job.

    What does “short and running out of money and resources” have to do with the fact that Gene didn’t ask Torre or whoever what Ethier’s status is, then turned on his computer and blogged about it. Pretty lazy to me. The newspaper business is supposed to be a tough industry to break into, but this guy can just log on and post up a one sentence blog and get paid for it? Sounds like a dream to me. The UCLA/USC bloggers work hard, so does the Kings guy. How come the Dodgers guys are so worthless?

  • Jayrew


    you are the type of guy that is so un-intelligent and ignorant, it hurts. Gene Warnick has been updating all he can since Tony got laid off. He gave us some awesome updates on our farm system and nobody commented.

    Since I was laid off from the newspaper business two years ago, I can tell you that NOBODY around the daily news gives a flying **** about your opinion. If you want an update on Ethier’s staus go to the teams official site. Is that too hard for you?

    Also, how about commenting on the game? or are you the type with tatoos on your head that gets so drunk in the parking lot, you have no idea what happened in the game? Yeah, I think that’s what it is pal.

    Do us all a favor, and comment intelligently. Go take a look at “Inside the Kings” with Rich Hammond. He’s taking pay cuts, and forced to take time off, but people are understanding over there and still comment with intellect.

    So I say to all you haters out there who don’t know the first DAMN thing about business (let alone baseball) if you are going to complain about a lack of coverage, don’t do it in the commment section. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

    ok GO BLUE!

  • Jayrew

    p.s. Paolo-

    He aint gettin paid sh*t to post on this blog. Blogs are what killed this industry because no one is buying up ad spots or subscriptions. But, like I said before, you don’t a DAMN thing about business.

    Get out of here.

    Thanks Gene.

  • Paolo

    “He gave us an awesome update on our minor league system”

    Really reporting a press release the Dodgers sent him is now called “reporting”. Man this industry must be easier to break into than I thought. Fantastic insight Jayrew.

    I don’t have a problem with Rich Hammond because he is actually giving Kings fans insight. This blog has turned into one sentence updates and giving us Dodger press releases. Doesn’t seem like reporting to me. Where is the insight? Where is the commentary? Non-existant. Just more press releases.



  • Harpo JB

    Aw, c’mon, Money.

    Don’t try to convince anyone here that you don’t slow down and gawk as you drive past a wreck on the freeway.