Cubs to dispense with Gatorade dispenser

Funny story from the Chicago Tribune …

Going, going, gone.
The Gatorade dispenser in the Cubs’ dugout has taken its last hit for the team.
The large dispenser, which was the recipient of a wayward punch by Ryan Dempster on Monday and Carlos Zambrano’s bat-whacking
episode on Wednesday, will be removed from the dugout after the team hits the road Sunday night, a Cubs official said.
It will be replaced by the smaller, gray drinking fountain that had been there for years and had taken a beating of its
Apparently, the orange color and large metal sides made the Gatorade dispenser too easy a target. It was brought in this
season as a way to enhance advertising revenues through a sponsorship with Pepsi, which owns Gatorade.
According to sources, Pepsi/Gatorade did not pay the Cubs to place the machine in such a conspicuous place and within easy
range of television cameras. However, Gatorade will continue to have portable orange-colored coolers in the dugout.
The news was first reported by reporter Ken Rosenthal, who worked Saturday’s game for
FoxZZTO. Rosenthal also wrote that the Cubs “are in need of a psychiatrist” but offered no references.