Vin on Dusty Rhodes

Former GIants great Dusty Rhodes, who helped them win their last World Series in 1954, died Wednesday in Las Vegas at age 82.
Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully, in his 60th season with the Dodgers, fondly recalled
Rhodes’ self-depreciating sense of humor.
“I remember Dusty saying to me one day with a deadly serious face, ‘They’re giving me a
day tomorrow.’ I said, ‘Really, Dusty? That’s great.’ He said, ‘Yeah — to get out of
town,'” Scully said. “That was his attitude. I don’t believe he ever took himself
seriously, but he took his job seriously.
“Just by mentioning his name, I start to smile — which maybe is as good a tribute to a man as anything,” Scully added. “He had that marvelous time in 1954, when ‘all Rhodes led to the World Series.’ So at least he’s remembered. And when you realize how many people have played this game over how many years, to be remembered at all is a significant achievement. I guess they’re looking for a designated hitter up there, and he’s not a bad one to have.”

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