Manny helping the Albuquerque economy

Manny Ramirez mania is raging in Albuquerque.

Ramirez will be in uniform Tuesday for the Dodgers’ triple-A affiliate there, and news of his arrival dramatically sparked ticket sales for the Isotopes.

The team averages about 7,000 fans to its home games, but the Isotopes sold 11,000 additional tickets in two days after word spread that Ramirez would be in uniform.

Ramirez is serving a 50-game suspension for violating the MLB drug policy, and though his actual big league return isn’t until July 3, he’s allowed a 10-game minor league stint to prepare for his Dodgers’ return.

The loop-hole doesn’t exactly sit well with everyone, as the respected Tracy Ringolsby explains here in a piece for

Ringolsby raises some fair points about how fair it is that Manny can play down in the farm while still being suspended by MLB – after all, the reverse would not be an option for a minor league player serving the same suspension.

So we’ll pose the question to you guys:

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